Our compliance standards

In order for teachers to fully comply with Engage Education prior to registering, they must ensure that they provide us with the following:


Engage Education complies with safer recruitment in Education/DFE guidelines.

Our recruitment procedure and training policies have been viewed in accordance with Safer Recruitment in Education to ensure we are fully compliant.

We meet all prospective candidates face-to-face, to ensure the highest standard of compliance possible, our process covers the following checks:

  • Face-to-face interview
  • Overseas police check required for six months or more from a country visited in the last five years
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Barred list  (renewed every 12 months)
  • Cover employment history going back five years with no gaps
  • Gains rehabilitation of offenders declaration observing the filtering rules
  • One UK proof of address
  • Proof of identity
  • Right to work in the UK
  • National Insurance number
  • School and university qualifications
  • Prohibition list check 
  • National College for Teaching Leadership for all teachers
  • Two references- one from the last teaching post
  • Medical declaration
  • Provide the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance
  • Recommendation of a prohibition order where appropriate
  • Gained declaration for disqualification by association (click here and here for information regarding this disclosure).


Relevant information:

From the 18 January 2016, EU Directive 2005/36/E introduced a requirement for European Economic Area (EEA) authorities, which have responsibility for regulating the teaching profession, to share teacher prohibitions/sanctions with other EEA teacher regulators. As part of this requirement, and to support safer recruitment considerations, a new service functionality has been introduced to the NCTL Teacher Services system (also known as Employer Access Online). We have implemented this new change to our compliance process. 

Additionally, we expect all of our candidates to abide by safeguarding measures set out by Department of Education guidelines. Our candidates agree to the following point: They understand it is their responsibility to safeguard children and are aware that they must notify Engage Education immediately of anything that may affect their suitability or changes to circumstances for them or anyone living or working in their household.

Engage Education DBS rule. We will accept a DBS if:

  • Not issued by Engage Education: if it has subscribed to the update service. We will recheck the status every 12 months
  • Not issued by Engage Education: if it has not subscribed to the update service. Providing it has been issued within the last three years and is 'clean'
  • Issued by Engage Education: if it has subscribed to the update service. We will recheck the status every 12 months
  • Issued by Engage Education: if it has not subscribed to the update service. Providing it has been issued in the last three years, may or may not be clean

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