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Become a partner school of the Teacher Training Programme

Teacher Training for Schools with Engage

We put quality training at the heart of our recruitment and support practices. That’s why we’ve launched our new one-of-a-kind Teacher Training Programme, a logical extension of our commitment to bringing out the best in practising and prospective teachers.

Become a partner school with the Engage Teacher Training Programme and help fuel the next generation of teaching in the UK.

Course structure

Graduates who enrol on the programme have varying levels of previous experience, come from a range of specialisms, and learn at different paces. So we’ve developed a flexible route to PGCE and QTS which is split into two broad phases. We’ll work closely with your school and the graduate trainees to help you decide when your trainees are ready to progress to the second phase and begin teaching independently.

Phase One: Getting Ready to Teach

Graduate trainees will work initially as classroom assistants or intervention tutors, gaining valuable classroom and school experience as well as understanding teaching standards.

Graduate trainees will also begin taking some lessons and team-teaching a small number of classes, working towards providing support as a cover teacher for 50% of their timetable.

Phase Two: Ready to Teach

Phase two will see students start their modular PGCE training, progressing towards the award of QTS. During this period, the graduate trainees will work as unqualified teachers, supplying their school with up to 18 teaching hours per week.

Meet the team

The Engage Teacher Training Programme is designed and run by education experts from our Partnership & Development team alongside The National Institute of Teaching & Education at Coventry University. We’re on hand to answer all of your questions about hiring a specialist graduate for your school.

Benefits of the Teacher Training Programme

Expert guidance Expert guidance
trainees can Receive top-notch mentoring from seasoned educators.
Tailored learning Tailored learning
Customize your training to your needs
Practical experience Practical experience
They can gain hands-on classroom experience
Career acceleration Career acceleration
Fast-track your trainees path to becoming a teacher
Networking opportunities Networking opportunities
 Trainee teachers Connect with a supportive community of educators
Accredited certification Accredited certification
Trainees can Obtain recognised teaching qualifications


  • When can we take in trainee teachers?

    Graduates can enrol onto the Teacher Training Programme at any time, and we're always looking out for new applicants. Once a graduate has been accepted onto the course and matched with a school, they can begin studying at the start of the next school term.

  • Where do you source your candidates?

    At Engage, we utilise our strong links with universities across the UK to reach out to graduates. We also accept applications from local and international graduates through our website, at which point our Teacher Training Programme team will assess each applicant for suitability.

  • What does my school need to provide for the trainees?

    The schools on the programme will need to select a dedicated mentor for trainees and provide support to them throughout. This mentor will need to attend the training run by the university, and work in partnership with Engage to support the trainee. Part of the mentor’s responsibilities is to meet the trainee once a week for formal mentoring sessions, which will be scheduled in the timetable to review, discuss, and set targets and training activities. These mentoring sessions should be at least one period in length. The mentor is also responsible for observing the trainee and giving weekly feedback outside of the time set aside for scheduled mentor meetings, as well as completing a formal assessment for the trainee at least once per term.

  • What does Engage provide during the programme?

    The Engage team is always on hand to provide support and guidance for schools throughout the duration of the programme. We'll work with you to ensure you get the most from the trainees at your school while fully preparing trainees for solo teaching in year two. For trainees, we organise CPD and training events to support the academic aspects of the programme, and we also arrange social events and benefits for trainees. Engage also arranges all vetting and compliance procedures, including background and safeguarding checks, before a trainee arrives at your school.

  • What does the university provide during the programme?

    During year one, trainees will benefit from comprehensive materials provided by the university to complement their CPD sessions and prepare them for the year two PGCE. During the second year of the programme, the university will provide a university mentor to support the trainee through the academic portion of their study.

  • What is included in the cost?

    The cost includes candidate selection and vetting from Engage, along with access to the pool of fully-screened, hand-selected graduates. Once the trainee is in your school, we cover all PGCE, QTS and training costs; university support and training for the school-based mentor; and the trainee’s salary, pension and national insurance contributions.

  • What will students be doing in year one?

    For the duration of year one, students will regularly attend CPD events, delivered face-to-face and online, as well as providing classroom-based support for the school to gain teaching experience. The classroom-based teaching experience is arranged around your school’s needs and the trainee’s skills. Taking the context of your school into account, you can work with the Engage team to provide meaningful work for your trainee(s), which will give them effective preparation for their PGCE and the skills to solo-teach classes during the second year.

“The graduate trainees make a significant contribution to the College and support from Engage is easily accessible.”

Deputy Head St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College




Does your school pay the apprenticeship levy?

Schools that pay the apprenticeship levy can use up to £9,000 to cover the cost of training and assessing their graduate trainee.