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Recruitment• 3 Min read

1st April 2023

7 Great Reasons To Hire Graduates

Hiring an experienced teacher has many benefits and will often seem like the only right approach, however, graduates offer a fresh outlook and lots of enthusiasm when they’re beginning a new role.  Hiring a graduate can be an excellent idea and offers many benefits, here we have put together 7 reasons you should consider a graduate the next time that you are hiring:

1. Enthusiasm

Graduates have spent the last four years working towards their goal of becoming a teacher and their acceptance onto a teacher training program marks another step towards their career of choice. You will often find graduates have a high level of enthusiasm for their learning and their role within your school. Enthusiastic and motivated individuals make inspirational teachers who strive to continue to improve themselves and their careers. Their ethusasim will also brush off on their students and makes them fantastic role models for children at all levels.

2. The Opportunity To Mould A New Teacher To Fit Your School

Graduates may not have taught in classrooms before joining a teacher training programme, and as such, wouldn’t have any negative preconceptions or habits from working in different schools. Hiring a graduate means training an individual in line with your school’s culture and leadership. With a strong support system in place, hiring graduates offer an opportunity to build exactly the right teaching staff to create a varied and engaging learning experience for pupils. This means that graduates can become the perfect fit for the role you advertise through your moulding.

3. Comfortable With New Technology

The technology available to schools has changed dramatically in just the last generation, however, graduates are likely to be at ease with new technology and have experience in remote learning that longer-serving teachers might be lacking.  As the teacher’s role becomes more varied than standing in front of a board, teachers are expecting to provide full learning solutions for pupils who may be at home or in school. It will be vital to employ individuals comfortable with changing technology and how it can be implemented in the classroom, being comfortable with technology is an added bonus that graduates will have and can help make your role that little bit easier.

4. Adaptable

Graduates in 2020 will have experienced nearly 20 years of continuous education, with no long gaps in their career to date. During this time they would have contended with significant changes to the curriculum, an influx of new technology and processes, a global pandemic, teachers strikes, changes to financing arrangements and a lot more. The next few generations of graduates will be able to adapt to change better than ever before and this adaptability is vital in a fast-paced classroom environment. They’ll be used to finding new ways to inspire learning, utilising new tech and quickly finding solutions during difficult times – skills that transfer perfectly to the classroom.

5. EXCELLENT AT Multi-Tasking

One of the key benefits to hiring graduates in any industry is students have become incredibly adept at multitasking. From managing several social media channels at once whilst completing another task to studying for multiple exams in a variety of formats, graduates know how to juggle a workload- an essential skill for all teachers. Seeing how these skills transfer into the class to create dynamic lessons for pupils is another fantastic reason to hire a graduate!

6. Cost-Effective

Traditionally, hiring a graduate will be cheaper than hiring a teacher with several years of experience as their salary expectations are lower, also graduates are more likely to take a lesser pay in order to kick start their teaching career. There are also several finance options when it comes to funding your graduate hire and training. Schools have access to grants through the Department Of Education and funding through the Apprenticeship Levy scheme to fund hiring a graduate and supporting them through their training. Extra funding is available for priority subjects including Maths, Sciences and Computing, so a teacher training program could be the answer to the question of where to find great STEM teachers.

7. Fresh Ideas

Graduates bring fresh perspectives, ways of working and ideas to the classroom. They offer a fresh set of eyes on school practices that may have become incumbent and they can offer a completely different perspective on the learning experience as a whole. Students need constant enrichment and inspiration to stay motivated to learn themselves so bringing new opinions into schools can only be of benefit to everyone in them.

However you decide to fill your teaching vacancies, we are here to help!

At Engage, our unique Teacher Training Programme offers trainees a salaried route into teaching through our partner schools. Find out more about becoming a Teacher with Engage, or becoming a partner school with us here.



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