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30th August 2019

6 Teacher Interview Tips

Although interviews can be daunting, the fact that you have made it to this late stage of the shortlisting process should reassure you that the school is already interested in what you have to offer.

The purpose of an interview is less about testing your technical knowledge (although there will be some of that!) and more about proving to your interviewer that you will fit in with the school and its ethos, and work towards its goals.

Here are 6 tips to give you a good base for your interview:

Before the interview

  1. Research the school
    An interviewer will want to know that you want to work at their school specifically, and not just the first one to offer you a job. Find out what makes the school different. Why do you want to work there? Use the school’s website and local news articles to find out if the school has won awards, started new initiatives or programmes, or improved their OFSTED rating.
  2. Think of questions to ask
    Anything that you can’t find out can become a question for you to ask in your interview. What is the school’s culture like? What are the school’s goals and how would you contribute to them? It doesn’t hurt to write your questions down and take them with you, turning up with notes in an interview shows you’re prepared.
  3. Prepare your pitch
    As with any interview, the person interviewing you wants you to sell yourself to them. Think about what makes you stand out as a teacher, your “teaching philosophy”, and your teaching style. (Check out our blog on common teacher interview questions for some examples.)

In the interview

  1. Look the part
    It should go without saying, but for any interview you need to look the part. Dress smartly, but be comfortable so you don’t fidget around in your interview.
  2. Be confident
    You may not always feel like a well-put-together person, but in your interview you should try to be (or at least look) confident. You want the person interviewing you to feel that you can command a classroom.
  3. Relax
    Although you want to prove to your interviewer that you can effectively take charge of a classroom, you also want to show that you can put your pupils at ease and fit in with your colleagues.

If you follow these 6 tips, you’ll be working from a strong interview foundation to showcase all your best teaching qualities. At Engage, our consultants know their schools like the back of their hand and give in-depth interview guidance every step of the way. To find out how we could help you find your next teaching role, take a look at our vacancies or register today.

Moving on up

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