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International• 4 Min read

2nd September 2022

22 reasons why you should work in London

Thinking of living in London? London is the home of so much opportunity and culture around the city, as well as the beautiful skyline, great restaurants and excellent transport links. You can see why it is many people’s favourite city. 

So many people choose to relocate, to live and teach in London too as it’s such an amazing city! If that didn’t sound convincing enough we have made a list of 22 reasons why you should live in the capital, and why it would be the perfect place to relocate to! 


Transport Links– London has incredible transport links, allowing you to travel all over the city for cheap. The London Underground system spreads over 322 miles across the city and surrounding areas. There are also Santander bikes with stations dotted all around the city as well buses that stop all over the city.

Breathtaking Skyline – From taking in the spectacular views in Greenwich park looking over the Canary Wharf skyline to sitting on Primrose Hill in Camden. There are so many places to admire the beautiful skylines in London.

The food – The cuisine in London is one of the ultimate reasons that you should move to the city, there is a fantastic variety of irresistible places to eat.

Fantastic schools – With a diverse range of schools in London, there are so many opportunities to gain world-class teaching experience and make an impact in schools around the city. London offers some of the best schools in the world. We can help you find the best teaching opportunities here.

Shopping – There are plenty of places to shop around in London including the famous Oxford street and Westfield shopping centres. There’s a huge variety of shops including clothing, beauty, sports and electronic stores.

Pubs – London is home to over 3,500 pubs, so you definitely aren’t short for choice when you fancy a drink. There are a huge variety of pubs, from traditional English boozers to cool hipster pubs and Sunday lunch pubs. You’ll certainly be spoiled for choice!

History and Culture – There are so many museums and landmarks showing off London’s amazing history. The culture in London is also amazing with over 300 languages being spoken across the city.

The Amazing Parks – London has green space EVERYWHERE, there are so many parks for you to chill out and enjoy your days off. Central London is home to some amazing parks such as Hyde Park and Regents Park. They are great places to visit in the summer and admire in the colder months.

Job opportunities – There are countless opportunities to work in London, and plenty of fantastic jobs to go around. The London job market is booming with over 10 times more job openings than compared to other places in the country however, the market is more competitive. We can help you find a unique teaching role in London here. From Barking and Dagenham school jobs to Havering teaching jobs, there are so many great opportunities across London.

The Eurostar – It’s so easy and convenient if you fancy visiting Paris or Amsterdam for the day different cities in Europe are only one train journey away!

Coffee Shops on every corner – Everywhere you turn there’s a coffee shop, they are great places to socialise with friends,  get a bit of work done or even just enjoy a nice hot coffee!

Festival season – Summer in London is booming with day and weekend music, food and beer festivals. There is a new festival or concert every weekend in London. So get ready to put your dancing shoes on! 

A fantastic location to travel abroad – If you need a weekend city break or a summer holiday, you won’t be short of options with places to go! There are six major airports in London.

Festive Season – Christmas in London is Magical, from ice-skating by the beautiful queen’s house in Greenwich to visiting the famous winter wonderland in Hyde Park, there are many places to admire the festive Christmas lights.

Museums and Galleries – There are so many different museums and galleries to visit in London, the natural history museum is a great place to visit for free! The Tate Modern Gallery is home to wonderful pieces of art by artists such as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso.

Live sport – London is home to some of the world’s biggest sporting teams and stadiums with a variety of different sports being played here. London is home to 7 Premier League Teams, two world-famous cricket grounds and many rugby teams. You will never be short of live sport when in London.

Olympic Park – The Olympic park was built for the 2012 Olympics and still has many activities to do there. You can go down the Olympic tower on the curly slide and watch the London Lions play in the Copper Box Arena or West Ham play in the Olympic stadium. If you love swimming you can also swim in the Olympic pool!

The Landmarks – There are so many incredible landmarks to visit In London such as Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Bank of London and Buckingham Palace which are just a few to name. London is home to some of the best contemporary architecture and historic buildings you can find globally.

Amazing neighbourhoods – There are great neighbourhoods in London to visit, from the quirky streets in Camden to the hipster places such as Shoreditch and Hackney. There’s a place for everyone in London.

Music – Music is booming in London, there are hundreds of top music venues – with gigs and festivals throughout the city every day. The culture of music in London is extremely diverse, London is known for its rock scene in the 60s and 70s. However different genres of music such as indie, dance, grime and afrobeat are extremely popular now as the city has become more diverse.

Amazing Nightlife – London is home to some of the top clubs and bars in the world. Enjoy rooftop bars in the city overlooking the London skyline to top underground clubs.

London is just great! We have only made a short list of amazing reasons you should relocate to London, and we can help with relocation and finding the perfect opportunity for you to make your mark in an amazing school in the city.


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