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Our purpose

Why Engage?

We’ve been trailblazers in international education recruitment since 2008. That’s over a decade of training and placing fantastic British teachers in our partner schools, and helping teachers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Ireland and other locations across the globe to make the jump to the UK. We’re continuously working to raise the standards of teaching worldwide, and that all starts with you.

Engage in statistics:

Since 2008 we have filled 102,437 teaching positions in the UK and counting. Our iday event has sourced 1,032 international teachers from countries outside of the UK.


We are always looking at ways to improve and to create a better future for teachers and children everywhere. We’re immensely proud to have received the following recognitions for our progressive approach:

Education Investor:

Best Recruitment Service: 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. (Finalist 2013 and 2017)

London Stock Exchange Group’s, 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain:


The Sunday Times, Virgin Fast Track 100:

2014 (51st), 2015 (44th), 2016 (99th)

Human experiences and relationships matter

It’s no secret that working in education can be tough. That’s why our role doesn’t stop at just finding teachers a job. We provide continuous personal and professional development through CPD sessions, one-on-one training, and partnerships with various organisations to provide retail and travel discounts, mental health and wellbeing support, and employee benefits.


Our Ethos

We change lives by being part of your journey

We’re there for you – right place, right time, with the right choices for you. We go the extra mile to understand how you’re feeling about your career and what you want your next steps to be before we proactively source your next opportunities for employment and self-development.

We respect ambitions and strive to meet them

We never assume a one-size-fits-all approach to your career, and remain objective to your situation without personal judgement. We’ll always listen to you with understanding and respect your individual journey and ambitions.

We are the expert voice of our market

Our decade of experience, not to mention our in-house teams of former and current teachers, mean we’re best placed to provide best practice recruitment and specialist teaching knowledge. If one person doesn’t have the answer, we’ll all pull together as colleagues.

Our progressive work affects the quality of learning

By listening to and understanding both our schools and teachers, we put the best possible candidate in each role. We continue to support teachers once you are in-role, leading to self-development and higher teacher retainment, because consistency is best for everyone – especially pupils.