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Your Career• 3 Min read

12th June 2023

Outdoor Lesson Ideas for Teachers

British summer has begun and with the weather warming up, it is the perfect time for teachers to take their lessons outside if possible! Outdoor lessons not only provide a change of scenery and fresh air but can also help students to engage with the material in a new and exciting way, whilst giving them a sense of freedom and opportunity. Check out some of our outside lesson ideas below:


Outdoor Science Lessons Ideas

Science lessons are perfect for taking outside, as there are so many opportunities to explore and discover in nature. Here are a few ideas:

Nature Walks and Journaling:

Take your students on a nature walk and encourage them to observe the plants, animals and insects around them. Ask them to take notes and sketches of what they see and use those observations to create a nature journal. This idea would be better suited for a younger demographic.

Weather Observations:

Set up a weather station outside and have your students take measurements of temperature, wind speed and precipitation. You can use that data to teach them about weather patterns and how they can impact our daily lives.


Create a classroom garden and have your students plant and tend to vegetables, flowers or herbs. This hands-on experience will not only teach them about plant life cycles but also encourage them to make healthy food choices.


Outdoor Maths Lesson Idea

Measuring Activity:

An excellent maths lesson that can be performed outside is by using the surveyor wheel. Have the students use the wheel to measure the size of a school field, playground or specific area. Once they have recorded their results, have them convert the measurements into different units or ask them a question like “If one football pitch is a certain measurement, how many would ten pitches be?”


Outdoor English Lessons Ideas

Doing English lessons outside can also benefit students as a different sense of space can clear an individual’s thoughts and allow them to produce their best work! Here are some ideas:

Creative Writing:

Have your students sit outside and use their surroundings as inspiration for creative writing exercises. This will encourage them to use their senses and descriptive language throughout their writing.


Another idea is to have your students write poetry about nature or the outdoors. This will not only teach them about poetic devices but also encourage them to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Taking lessons outside is a great way to engage students and make learning a fun and interactive experience. By using nature and the outdoors as a learning tool, teachers can create a unique and memorable experience for their students. So why not take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts and try out one of these outside lesson ideas today? For more materials just like this, check out our reading corner!

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