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Your Career• 3 Min read

15th March 2021

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day In The Classroom

Dia Duit! The 17th of March is St. Patrick’s Day in the UK and everywhere that people of Irish descent live.  St Patrick was the Patron Saint Of Ireland and his day is marked in many different ways across the world.

St Patrick’s Day is usually a very lively celebration with large parades, parties and family gatherings across Ireland and in Irish communities across the world. Families might build leprechaun traps in the hope of catching a leprechaun who will then offer three wishes to be set free – the luck of the Irish! Children celebrate by dressing up and taking part in St Patricks Day activities and many teachers celebrate the day with fantastic classroom decor too and activities. It’s also a great way to teach your class about Irish culture and history, as well as enjoy some of the magic associated with Irish folklore.

Celebrating St. Patricks Day With Your Class

   There’s so many fun crafts related to St. Patrick’s Day. Pinterest is packed with loads of fun baking and craft ideas which could be used in your class to spark a discussion about what your class already know about Ireland. We’ve got a St. Patricks Day board with lots of fantastic ideas for teachers and home schoolers.

   Ireland is a country with a fascinating history – St Patricks Day is a great opportunity to discuss history of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and, for older pupils, how they came to be separated.

   Show your pupils another of the benefits of being back in the classroom! St Patricks Day decorations are super cheap. Cut out shamrocks, rainbows and gold coins from coloured paper for a quick display – if you want something more, there are shedloads of cheap or free classroom decorating ideas on Pinterest!

   Bring a touch of green to your Science lesson too – there’s some really fun themed science experiments out there – how about growing some crystal shamrocks, or making St. Patricks Day slime? There’s lots of great ideas for teachers to try here.

   Do your class know the Patron Saints  of the British Isles? Event’s like this are a fantastic lead into teaching about the history of the United Kingdom. Try Twinkl for loads of great Patron Saint resources!

   St Patrick was credited with teaching Irish builders new techniques and ways of building, specifically Roman technologies – as well as the patron saint of Ireland he’s also the Patron Saint Of Engineers – which might make a fun angle to celebrate the day in class! There’s a bunch of great St Patrick’s Day themed STEM challenges for all ages here.

   Do your class know their leprechauns from their limericks? Test their knowledge of all things Irish with a fun quiz. National Geographic kids has a great one you could adapt for younger children. Some of the questions are quite simple, so it’s probably more suited to younger pupils!

However you are celebrating St Patricks day this year, we hope it brings you ádh na hÉireann!

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