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Intervention Programmes for Schools

Let’s close the attainment gap

Engage is able to provide a wide range of targeted support to suit your pupils’ individual needs and close the attainment gap. Our programmes focus on helping schools to deliver targeted support by using their Pupil Premium funding and additional funding in a cost-effective way. 

We understand the importance of the class or subject teacher monitoring pupil progress to ensure that your bespoke tuition programme is beneficial to your pupils. We have a large number of local teachers and support staff who have experience delivering similar programmes and making an impact on pupil progress. 

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One-to-one and small group tuition

There is extensive evidence supporting the impact of high-quality one-to-one and small group tuition as a catch-up strategy. We understand the importance of creating a strong relationship between tutor, teacher and pupils, ensuring that tuition programmes are guided by your school, linked to the relevant area of the school curriculum and specifically focussed on areas where your pupils would most benefit. 


Intervention programmes

Our intervention programmes can also focus on different aspects of learning such as behaviour, social and emotional needs or focus on a specific group of disadvantaged pupils or pupils with identified special educational needs or disabilities. 

Intervention programmes are usually designed following some form of initial assessment. The programmes need to be targeted to focus on very specific needs and monitored over a period of time to ensure progress is made.


After School Tuition

Intervention programmes do not have to be confined to the school day. In cases where it is not practical or advantageous to have pupils out of class during the school day, we are able to provide intervention programmes to particular pupils after school. Evidence indicates that, on average, pupils make 2+ months’ additional progress in particular through the use of before- and after-school programmes. 


Virtual Tutors

Where pupils are not able to get into school or are temporarily excluded from school, we are able to provide tuition in a virtual environment. This type of tuition does require the pupil to have some form of internet connectivity, ideally a computer, laptop or tablet.


Summer Schools

Intervention programmes over the summer can benefit pupils academically and also socially, helping to ensure that when they return to school their learning gaps have been reduced. For summer programmes to be effective, they need to include high-quality academic support. Evidence suggests that pupils who attend a summer school make 2+ months’ progress approximately. This can be as high as 4+ months’ progress, but requires more intensive, well-resourced programmes. 


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Compliance & Vetting

We understand that the quality of the teachers and support staff who deliver our tuition programmes will be the measure of any recruitment partnership we have with your school. We pride ourselves on our high vetting and compliance standards.