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School Intervention Programmes UK

Engage School Intervention Solutions

Engage Education has been providing a range of learning support packages for schools for over a decade. We understand that the last few years have created difficult challenges for many pupils, both from an academic and well-being perspective, and we have therefore tailored our solutions to suit the diverse needs of both children and schools.

We have designed three simple intervention solutions to deliver high-impact, flexible learning for pupils needing that extra bit of support to get them back on track and flourishing. With short- medium- and long-term solutions available, our support packages deliver cost-effective, high-impact solutions

Our Back on Track solution consists of both “booster” and “catch-up” tuition. As a quality-assured provider on the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), this support can be delivered by utilising your School-Led Tuition Grant, Pupil Premium, or other school budgets.

The demand for our Phonics Support offering has been growing considerably this year. As well as providing specialist phonics teachers, we are guided by esteemed practitioners who have National Leader in Education status.

Our personalised learning mentors cover a diverse range of pupil needs and have been a welcome addition to our intervention solution. We provide a range of ongoing training to support our mentors with this work and they understand the effects of the Covid era on children’s wellbeing.

What is a school intervention programme?

School intervention programmes aim to support pupils with specific educational or well-being needs. This helps to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to reach their full potential and to have a positive school experience.

Intervention programmes are often based around education, including support with school subjects across the curriculums. Or, these programmes can be focused on well-being, such as behavioural support or friendship support. 

At Engage Education, we pride ourselves on providing each pupil with a unique, tailored approach within the intervention programmes they receive.

School Staffing Solutions

We can help you make the right hiring choices to close the attainment gap, from qualified teaching and support staff with proven experience in working on intervention solutions to graduates funded by government-backed schemes. All our staff are fully CCS compliant and vetted. Ask us how you could utilise government funding to hire graduates to assist in intervention solutions too!

What are the benefits of school intervention programmes?

School intervention programmes are designed to help pupils overcome any barriers to their learning or personal development. 

Not every pupil learns the same way, so it’s important to have systems in place to support those who need additional help in specific areas. These short, medium or long-term intervention solutions can help close the gaps and offer all pupils a chance to succeed. 


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