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CCS Framework for Supply Teachers

The DfE and CCS’ commercial agreement for the provision of supply teachers is one of the most significant recent developments in education recruitment. This framework helps to provide greater transparency of costs to help control supply teacher spend, as well as introduce standardised terms and conditions across the sector and establish a consistent approach to safeguarding and compliance.

At Engage, we’re proud to be named as a supplier on the agreement, highlighting our commitment to fair, compliant and efficient recruitment practices.

Who is CCS?

CCS is an executive agency of the government cabinet, and the UK’s biggest public procurement organisation. CCS helps schools save money and gives the DfE better visibility of how government funds are being spent by schools who use recruitment agencies for their supply teachers. CCS regularly reviews the agencies which are named on the framework to ensure they are performing well and meeting their obligations.

How were agencies selected for the framework?

122 suppliers are listed on this framework. To appear on the list of approved vendors, agencies have to set out their costs up-front – allowing schools to compare prices – and conduct rigorous background checks on their agency workers. Agencies had to submit a detailed tender document that demonstrated their ability to deliver the required services and meet the selection criteria.

How do I use the framework?

To use the CCS agency selection tool, you will need a DfE sign-in email address and password, your schools postcode, and details of how long you will need the supply teacher or member of support staff for. Then you can use the CCS agency selection tool which can be found here. You can also ask your chosen supplier if they are named on the framework, as all agencies on the deal have to tell you that they are, and offer you CCS terms.

Talk to the team about CCS

Use our booking tool to set up a call with the fully-trained CCS team, we'll be happy to walk you through the framework.

REC Audited

In order to be named on the CCS’ supply teacher framework, you must be audited by one of DfE’s trusted auditing bodies. Engage has been consistently audited by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) since our inception, because we believe that those operating in education recruitment should always be accountable.

“Only the REC gives recruitment businesses the mark of quality which tells their clients they strive to deliver the right people every time, that they care about what they do, and have an unmatched level of professionalism.” – REC