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CCS Framework

Work with a CCS Supplier

The Department for Education is backing a new framework for schools from the Crown Commerical Service which promotes fair, cost-effective and compliant recruitment practices within education. When work with a CCS supplier (like Engage) you’re showing that you meet all the safeguarding and legislative requirements to work in a school in the UK. This means you’ll get regular and reliable work, and are also more likely to be offered a permanent role too!

How does working with a CCS supplier get me more work?

Although it is not currently compulsory for schools to only hire using the framework, the DfE are increasing pressure on schools to use this, and any other tool available to them, which have been put in place to help save public funds. The CCS Supply Teachers framework is one of those tools, so you may find that if you are not registered with at least one CCS approved supplier, you will receive less offers for supply work as more schools subscribe to the deal. (Click here to see a list of all CCS preferred suppliers, to make sure you’re only working with the best agencies.)

Whilst the framework helps schools save money when hiring temporary staff, it doesn’t affect worker’s pay, so you won’t be paid any less for working with a CCS preferred supplier.

Who can work in a school on CCS terms

Anyone who works in a school, whether based in a classroom, back-office, or elsewhere, can be hired on CCS terms, including:

  • Qualified teachers
  • Unqualified teachers
  • SEND teachers
  • Educational support staff (cover supervisors, TAs, etc)
  • Headteachers and Senior Leaders
  • Administrative, clerical, IT, finance, maintenance, cleaning staff and more

Permanent roles with the CCS framework

When you work with a school through an agency who is listed as a CCS preferred supplier, you are more likely to be offered a permanent role, even though the framework only specifically covers temporary staff. This is because workers hired through the CCS framework can be hired permanently by the school more cost-effectively, and schools can be confident that the worker has already passed all the necessary safeguarding and legislative checks.