Teach in England

Why Teach In England?

If you’re looking to kick-start your teaching career, England is a great place to start. We work with an abundance of schools looking to fill their vacant positions. Moving to England opens up new opportunities and faster career progression whilst remaining close to home. We can help you find your dream role.

Benefits Of Teaching With Engage

We know that a supported teacher is a successful teacher, so when you begin teaching with Engage Education, you immediately qualify for all of our great benefits:

  • Your own personal Engage consultants

    When you get in touch with Engage, we’ll assign you your own personal Engage consultant from our local Irish office. Our Irish consultants are all former teachers with international teaching experience, so they’re best placed to give you great relocation advice! Once you arrive in England you’ll also have contact with a UK-based consultant, who will offer you relocation support and be your first point of contact for any questions you have about your school, working in England, or anything else!

  • Professional Development & Support

    Once you’re working in your dream school, our support doesn’t stop there. Our Teaching & Learning Partnership team is made up of former SLT-level teachers who are on hand to liaise with you and your school to pinpoint any areas for further development and will work with you to create tailored CPD sessions to help you be the best educator you can be. We also have CPD sessions held at multiple locations around the country which are free to attend for all teachers that cover a variety of supplementary topics.

  • 24/7 Wellbeing Support

    We understand that there are times when teaching seems too much to handle, especially when you have recently relocated to a new country. That’s why, when you become an Engage teacher, you’ll be signed up to our Employee Assistance Programme with our partners at the Education Support Partnership. The Employee Assistance Programme gives you access to 24/7 wellbeing support, face-to-face counselling sessions, financial and legal advice, and a host of other support benefits for when you need them.


iday is a global revolution in teacher recruitment. Our virtual recruitment events give teachers and schools the opportunity to connect with each other, even when travel isn’t possible.

You’ll have a day of interviews with schools which are hand-selected for you based on your skills and requirements. Interviewing with multiple schools gives both you and the employer a chance to find the perfect match and it’s all managed by our expert teams. 94% of iday participants land a job offer – it really works!