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SEND• 3 Min read

19th June 2023

Importance of SEND inclusion in mainstream schools

With reports of SEND pupils being increasingly “pushed out” of mainstream schools and into special schools, we wanted to highlight the importance of SEND pupils being included in mainstream settings wherever possible.

Importance for the pupils

There is a legal duty to ensure that all children are educated in a mainstream setting, except for the following circumstances:

  • a mainstream school would not meet the child’s needs
  • the education of the other children at the school would be affected
  • the placement would be too expensive.

Some children with special needs or disabilities require teachers and support staff to have specialist training in order to help them with their day-to-day learning and activities. Other children require specialist accessibility equipment or environment adjustments for sensory needs. For many of these pupils, attending a special school is the best option for them, as they can ensure their specialist needs are met by experts.

However, many pupils with special needs can and do fit in in a mainstream school, and it’s important for them to have this experience if they can, as it introduces the pupils to a range of different people with varying abilities and needs, which most closely replicates the people and environments they will encounter throughout their lives.

More and more mainstream schools are expanding their SEND provision, including specialist units for specific needs and hiring extra SEND-trained staff, so pupils attending special needs schools are more supported than ever.

Importance for their peers

Not only is SEND inclusion in mainstream schools beneficial for many pupils with special needs, it is also of benefit for their mainstream peers. A mixture of mainstream and SEND pupils in a school teaches all pupils to be mindful of the needs and requirements of those around them, and allows for all pupils to make friends with children with a range of abilities and needs and from a variety of backgrounds.

Importance for teachers

It is part of the official DfE Teachers’ Standards to ‘have a clear understanding of the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs’, and as such it’s important not just for your pupils, but for your career and continued development as a teacher to include pupils with SEND requirements in the mainstream classroom.

This experience will also help you to make a move into special needs teaching exclusively if you ever decide to.

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