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At Engage, we help qualified South African teachers find their dream jobs in London and throughout the UK – moving their careers forward and opening up opportunities for exciting adventures with your family.

England is a great relocation option thanks to its variety of rural, suburban, and city locations, and its stable economic and political climate. Not to mention the ability to fast-track your career progression and reach new heights in your professional life!

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A new adventure for you and your family is just around the corner. Find out how teaching in England will work for you by registering today.

Support from Engage

Finding your role

From the moment you register with Engage, you’ll have the guidance and advice you need to successfully and smoothly relocate to England for a great teaching role. We will help you prepare for telephone and video interviews with schools that we have matched to your goals and ambitions, and ensure that your role is set up with plenty of time to prepare for your move.

Visas and documents

We will give you all of the information about the legalities of relocating to the UK, and organise all the documents that will be required before you can begin working. If you are bringing a family with you, we can give you help and advice on arranging dependants’ and spousal visas.

Ongoing support

Our complete support package is designed to help you throughout your teaching journey. Not only will we help you find your new role and settle in to your new home, we’ll give you free training on teaching the UK curriculum and give you on-going personal and professional support while you work.

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