CCS Supply Teachers Framework

Using the deal

Schools can use the deal to recruit a wide range of teaching and non-teaching staff. Using the deal allows schools to save money on meeting their temporary recruitment needs, while remaining assured that the best practices in safeguarding and compliance are met.


The CCS framework allows schools to find the best possible price to fill temporary and fixed-term roles quickly and easily. When you use the deal, you know that the agency you are working with has been checked against the highest standards of compliance, taking the pressure off you to meet the requirements for procurement legislature.


When you recruit temporary staff using the CCS supply teachers deal, you can avoid costly temp-to-perm fees if you decide to take the worker on as a permanentm member of staff. Once the worker has been at your school for 12 weeks or more, you can transfer them to a permanent role for no extra cost – you just need to give 4 weeks notice.

Nominated worker

If you know a worker you would like to hire temporarily, but want to hire them on CCS terms, you can refer them to a CCS supplier in order to do this. This is referred to as a nominated worker, and gives you peace of mind that pay and background screening checks have been taken care of.

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