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Your Career• 3 Min read

17th October 2022

How to get a teaching job using social media

Social media is not the first place that teachers may think of to look for a new role, however, most employers have active social media profiles that promote their current vacancies as well as other things. Social media is the way forward for teachers in search of new opportunities and positions.  

At Engage Education we find that many teachers find us and are opened up to exciting opportunities through the power of social media. We aim to ensure that you brand yourself effectively on social media, creating an online presence on the platforms with the goal of helping you secure a job. Your social media presence is vital, the first thing an employer or recruiter will do is search your name on google, your account will say a lot about you as a person. Here are some key points that could help you get a teaching job using social media:


Follow recruiters and employers on their social media channels 


Following recruiters on their social media channels will ensure that you keep up to date with information on job opportunities that they post on their feed. Following employers is also a great way to boost your application process as you will constantly subconsciously be learning about different parts of a company which could later on help you in potential interviews. Following recruiters on social media is great, as you can directly message them, allowing a quick and easy point of contact and ensuring questions are asked.


Take advantage of the features that LinkedIn offers


LinkedIn is the most professional website therefore it’s extremely important to brand yourself well on the platform. We recommend using a professional photo and making sure that your bio and personal information are displayed truthfully and correctly. LinkedIn is a platform where you can showcase your CV on your profile allowing you to connect with other users who may be working in the same industry as you or for your desired employer. Connecting with recruiters is vital as they are constantly posting new teaching positions in all areas and familiarising yourself with attributes they look for will benefit you in the long run. LinkedIn is also handy to expand your knowledge about a company’s values and ethics as you can gain an insight into more of their professional posts.


Turn on post notifications


The best way to keep in touch with the latest posts from recruiters is to turn on the post notification on their account on social media. This is a great way to stay on top of new openings and opportunities. It’s also a great way to engage with consultants, this will help them keep you in mind if a new opportunity arises.


We are constantly updating our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with our latest available roles so make sure to follow us on all our social media!!.


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