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SEND• 3 Min read

15th November 2017

How can Special Education be more rewarding?

How can Special Education be more rewarding?

Teaching Special Education has become more and more popular in recent years, teachers from a mainstream background are making the switch to Special Education as it becomes ever more prevalent in their classrooms. There are lots of reasons why teachers find Special Education more appealing and rewarding.

Grow as an individual

Working with children that have different abilities gives you a much better sense of patience and compassion. As you learn about different types of special needs, you’ll begin to identify what they mean, not only on paper but in real life, too. You’ll understand why specific learning techniques don’t work with a certain individual. Every child thinks differently.

Little wins every day

Working with children with special educational needs means that you will need to support children more with different aspects of learning, for example, reading or writing, or behaviour or self-expression. As well as the academic wins that come with being a teacher, i.e. when a student completes a task set or overcomes something, there will be little wins every day with a child with special educational needs. For example, a child with Autism that resists any physical contact may approach you for a hug or to hold your hand. You’ll know the impact you’re having goes beyond academia.

Long-term wins!

Children with Special Educational Needs will reach milestones, it just might take them longer. A milestone is a milestone and should be celebrated regardless! If one of your students with behavioural issues makes a new friend, a child with cerebral palsy learns a way to communicate or a child with Aspergers is able to express how they feel easily, these are all things you should be proud. Your job is to set children up for life, and having a great attitude is key.

Better job prospects

Expanding your expert knowledge into the Special Education sector gives you greater job prospects. You’ll be able to work in different environments as your skills will be transferable. Experience with Special Education makes you diverse, which in turn gives you a much greater scope when looking for work.

Shorter days

Did you know that Special Education schools have shorter days than mainstream schools? This is down to fewer class requirements and smaller class sizes, as well as the school working towards a more flexible curriculum. Shorter days and a more lenient schedule mean one thing: teachers who work in Special Education may benefit from a more balanced life. Special Education is also a great way to have something which sits in between a part-time and a full-time job.

Working in SEND changes lives. You can too.

Teachers and support staff who work with Engage have spent over 700,000 hours in more than 3,400 vacancies in SEND schools, changing lives and meeting the various and often complex needs of SEND pupils.

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