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Recruitment• 3 Min read

24th March 2021

Changes To School Bursaries In 2021

Teaching bursaries provide trainee teachers with essential financial support whilst they train. This year, some bursaries for trainee teachers in specific subjects have been cut. Teachers wishing to train in Physics, Maths and Computing can still apply for up to £24,000 in bursary funding. However, subjects such as Classics and Biology have had their funding cut by £16,000 and £19,000 respectively. Humanities, English and Arts have had bursaries cut completely.

Bursary Funding Changes for 2020/2021

How Can Schools Train Graduates Cost-Efficiently?

These changes mean that bursary-funded routes into teaching in certain subjects are less accessible for trainee teachers. In contrast, apprenticeship-based routes are an attractive option for passionate grads looking to start their career in classrooms and get paid. Our programme is designed to support these teachers, to gain real classroom experience alongside exceptional training provided by our university partner.

There’s still options available to help schools fund teacher training and development. The government has provided grants in the form of the COVID Workforce Fund to help schools hire intervention and support staff during the pandemic. Their recommendations state that the fund can be used to train graduates through a programme such as the Engage Teacher Training Programme. The Apprenticeship Levy can also contribute to the hiring of graduates. Our discussions with schools have shown increased take up in the use of levy funding during the first part of 2021 and our team are able to advise on maximising your schools levy.

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Why Should Schools Join The Engage Teacher Training Programme?

As well as contributing to preventing future teacher shortages, joining a Teacher Training programme also benefits schools individually.  Graduates, in the majority, are keen and have a passion for the work they want to do. Once they have got as far as graduating they tend to be dedicated to the profession that they have chosen and to completing their required training. Adding diversity, a fresh perspective and the latest in technology knowledge to your workforce can only benefit your school as a whole.  Of course, trainee teachers will need additional support during their training. Mentorship is an essential component of our programme. Becoming a mentor is an interesting opportunity to offer teachers who may soon be ready to move into leadership roles. Focusing on teacher development by creating opportunities for trainees and mentors in your school is an incredibly positive way to grow your school and foster a supportive  environment for professional growth

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The benefit to teachers is also clear – training on a paid programme, earning a salary whilst gaining a qualification compares favourably to having to self-fund your training with the potential of needing to take on extra work to pay for living costs. As part of our unique two-phase programme, teachers are supported during Phase 1, working within a classroom supported by a mentor or experienced teacher. When they are ready to move to phase two, you’ll have already seen them working within your school community and know if they are going to be a great fit for your team.

We can help your school to make the most of the funding available to you to build the workforce your school needs. We believe our Teacher Training Programme is truly one-of-a-kind,  a structured, supported way of helping graduates achieve their dreams of becoming teachers. With start dates in September and January 2022, keen graduates want to start working in classrooms as soon as possible – talk to us today about becoming a partner school.

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