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Recruitment• 5 Min read

15th July 2020

CCS Framework: Nominated Workers

Welcome to the CCS Handbook series, which covers everything you need to know about the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework for the DfE-approved Supply Teachers and Agency Workers deal.

The framework is designed to help schools get value for money and find agencies that follow best practices in safeguarding and compliance. You can find out more about it here.

This article will go into a little more detail about nominated workers – an exciting aspect of the CCS framework which gives your school the freedom of choice when it comes to who you hire. We’ll be covering:

  1. What is a nominated worker?
  2. Benefits of a nominated worker
  3. How to hire a nominated worker

What is a nominated worker?

Agencies on the CCS framework directly manage the employment of their agency workers, meaning they perform all the background checks, manage their payroll, and ensure compliance with all necessary guidelines and legislation.

However, you may wish to hire a specific worker on CCS terms, though they are not currently signed up to work with a preferred supplier. To do this, you can approach an agency that is on the framework to perform all necessary background checks and put the worker on the agency payroll for you. This is called a ‘nominated worker’. (i.e. you have ‘nominated’ the worker to the agency, rather than using a worker the agency has sourced themselves.)

Benefits of using a nominated worker


The ability to use a nominated worker when you want to gives your school the freedom to choose who is hired – whether or not your chosen CCS agency currently has the worker on their books. The ability to nominate a worker means you are not stuck between choosing a worker you know or taking advantage of the CCS benefits.


Many schools have a list of temporary workers they rely on when they have a temporary vacancy or a need for daily contingency supply, and will call these workers before turning to an agency to fill their positions. By referring these workers to an agency on the CCS framework, you can keep a consistent presence in your school and ensure you remain compliant with procurement legislation and safeguarding requirements.


When a school works with temporary workers or supply teachers on a “black book” system, it can be difficult to ensure compliance with Keeping Children Safe in Education safeguarding guidelines, and the correct employer costs are covered.

When you use a CCS preferred supplier, the supplier will be liable for all employer NI contributions, pension contributions, and apprenticeship levies, meaning you can rest assured that your school remains compliant with all legislation while still working with your chosen temporary staff members.


Referring a worker to an agency as a nominated worker will cost less than working with a worker that has been sourced by the agency themselves, whilst still providing all the benefits that the CCS framework offers. For a list of all the benefits of the CCS framework.

Tip: You can still take a nominated worker permanent after 12 weeks for no extra fee, providing you give 4 weeks’ notice of your intention to do so.

How to hire a nominated worker

You can use the online agency selection tool to find your chosen agency on the framework, and send them the gross pay rate and contract details that you have already agreed with the worker. For information on how to use the agency selection tool.

Tip: You need to ask permission from the worker before sharing their details with an agency

To nominate a worker in the online selection tool, you need to select “No, I have a worker I want the agency to manage” for the question “Do you want an agency to supply the worker”.

Tip: You can also approach us directly to arrange for us to complete a background check and put a nominated worker on our payroll. 

What next?

If you know someone who would benefit from learning more about the CCS framework and how it can impact in their school, you can share this link to our CCS page.

To start working with Engage through the CCS framework right away, book a call using the button below. Our dedicated team will help you to understand this new framework and how it can benefit the unique requirements of your school.

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