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Supply Opportunities

Teach short-term supply with Engage

At Engage, we work with 2,443 partner schools that have a need for teachers who can fill their short- and long-term supply vacancies. Our network of great schools ensures that we are always in the best position to provide you with reliable and satisfying supply work.

What is short-term supply

Short time supply vacancies are teaching posts where you temporarily cover short-term sicknesses, INSET days, teacher training, holidays, or emergency cover at a school. Sometimes short-term cover is planned in advance, and sometimes a school needs a supply teacher at short notice.

Why teach short-term supply

Short-term supply gives you the flexibility to take time off in-between posts, and the freedom to choose which jobs you want to take. Supply teaching is a great way to get varied school experience and avoid much of the after-school planning that permanent teachers face.

Short-term Engage Benefits

When you begin teaching with Engage, whether it’s for long- or short-term supply, you’ll be eligible for all of the benefits we offer our teachers. Our exclusive SGP contracts also mean you’ll never go without a paycheck, even when we can’t provide you with daily work.

Supply teaching vacancies

We have short-term supply vacancies at local authority schools, academies, SEN schools, Faith schools, and more. Find a daily supply role with Engage today.

Types of supply work

At Engage, we offer two different kinds of supply work, so you can choose the style of teaching which suits you best. Choose from Daily Supply or work on one of our Secure Guaranteed Pay contracts, and then let us get to work finding your dream teaching job.

Secure Guaranteed Pay

Secure Guaranteed Pay (SGP) is a different way to work as a supply teacher. SGP is a supply contract which gives you the chance to teach in a variety of schools and have financial security at the same time. We pay you a guaranteed amount each week – whether we find you work or not. Secure Guaranteed Pay is a great path to finding a longer-term position.

Daily Supply

Daily supply means you work when you want; you’ll update us each week when you want to work and we find you exactly that on the days you’re available. Daily supply is flexible and the work is often planned for you. Daily supply can range from one day cover to a few weeks, in one or a number of schools.

Due to the nature of supply, we endeavour to book you into a school ahead of time, but sometimes we may ask you to work on the same day if it’s an emergency.

What we do

We meet all of our schools and teachers face-to-face so we can get to know everyone on a personal level and understand the teaching need from both sides. We also offer a free career planning session to all teachers that register with us.

Whether you’d rather work short term or longer term supply is entirely up to you. We respect your ambitions and strive to meet them, which means we take your preferences into consideration at all stages of the job hunting process. All you need to worry about getting to a school and delivering brilliant lessons.