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Recruitment• 3 Min read

29th April 2021

Engage Education & The Leathersellers Federation of Schools

Engage Education is proud to announce that in March 2021, we added a new PSL to our growing list! The Leathersellers Federation of Schools provides education for approximately 2700 students from Nursery through to Sixth Form across London. Their schools are:

  • Prendergast School (Girls) (KS3 and KS4)
  • Prendergast Ladywell School (Mixed) (KS3 and KS4)
  • Prendergast Primary School (Mixed) (EYFS to KS2)
  • Prendergast Vale School (Mixed) (EYFS to KS4)
  • Prendergast Sixth Form (The Federation Sixth Form) (Mixed) (KS5)

The aim of The Leathersellers’ Federation is to provide an excellent education for children from the local community in a safe, supportive learning environment, where people are valued and make positive contributions to each of the schools, and where pupils are taught to become responsible, independent members of society. 

The Federation develops the vision of Joseph Prendergast who founded Lewisham’s first girls’ secondary school in 1890, on a site provided by the Leathersellers’ Company (one of the ancient Livery Companies of the City of London.)

All schools share a common set of goals and values and provide excellent academic education and personal support to all pupils. We are determined to sustain outstanding service for our community. There are at present five educational entities in the Federation: Prendergast School, Prendergast Ladywell School, Prendergast Primary School, Prendergast Vale School and Prendergast Sixth Form College.

A partnership formed through the CCS Framework

The Leathersellers’ Federation has fully embraced the DfE sponsored CCS Framework as an easy, compliant and cost-effective way to recruit staff for its schools. We were delighted when The Leathersellers’ Federation decided to work with agencies on the CCS framework and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership with many of its’ academies.

CCS is an executive agency of the government cabinet, and the UK’s biggest public procurement organisation. CCS helps schools save money and gives the DfE better visibility of how government funds are being spent by schools that use recruitment agencies for their supply teachers. CCS regularly reviews the agencies which are named on the framework to ensure they are performing well and meeting their obligations.

Only 122 recruitment agencies are listed on the CCS framework. To appear on the list of approved vendors, agencies have to set out their costs up-front – allowing schools to compare prices – and conduct rigorous background checks on their agency workers. Agencies had to submit a detailed tender document that demonstrated their ability to deliver the required services and meet the selection criteria.

How can we support your Leathersellers’ Federation Academy?

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