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When you work with Engage Education we’ll set you up with a login to our Engage Community. In our Community, you’ll be able to manage your documents, timesheets, calendar and more. Our Community is really helpful when you’re registering with us because it simplifies the process and lets you know what stage you’re at.

Engage Online Community


The Profile section of the Engage Community is where all of your personal and teacher related information is held. You can see when you last worked and make sure we have all of the important information about yourself, like where you live, where you studied and what your contact details are.

My Compliance

The ‘My Compliance’ section of the Engage Community is where you will upload your compliance documents. It’s a secure platform which allows you and Engage Education to both view the information we have on your file. It makes things really simple during the registration process.


The ‘Timesheet’ section of the Engage Community allows you to see all of your active and historical timesheets in one place! It’s really easy to use and puts you in control.


We love this feature of our Community – the Topics area is a forum which contains loads of helpful information and interesting CPD slides for you to take a look at. We regularly update the content in Topics and ensure it covers all areas that are of interest to our teachers, for example, CPD, HR documents and valuable information for new Engage teachers.

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