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28th April 2021

International Teaching Jobs For Australian Teachers: What Are Your Options?

The world has changed dramatically over the last year, and it might have seemed at some moments that teaching abroad was a distant dream. But we are happy to report that in the UK at least, school recruitment is ramping up and schools are just as keen as before the pandemic to hire great teachers from abroad. Building a diverse, passionate teaching staff is more important than ever for schools, and as always, we are here to support teachers from Australia and around the world looking to make the move.


Your Australian qualifications are recognised in most English-speaking countries. You’ll be able to teach in most international schools and in state schools too, depending on the country you choose to teach in. Education systems vary across the world, so if you want to teach abroad, it’s worth spending some time researching the almost endless possibilities.  You may choose to teach for a year in a country completely different from your own, or you could settle permanently. Whatever your long-term goals, teaching abroad is a fantastic boost to your CV, experience, and personal growth.

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Australian teaching qualifications are valid in the UK. You’ll need to apply through the UK government website for Qualified Teacher Status in the UK. This is done online. The processing time can be up to four months, but you’ll then have Qualified Teacher Status and be able to start applying for UK teaching roles. Don’t forget to register with us!

It’s likely you will require a visa – you can check this using the official government tool here. The most relevant visa for most teachers is likely to be the Skilled Worker Visa, although you may also qualify for a different type of visa.

Find out more about visas for teachers here.

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 Join An Agency

If you are a native Australian looking to come and teach in the UK for the first time, it makes sense to work with an established agency.  Agencies can help you to apply for your Qualified Teacher Status, find and secure that dream role and help you with all the other arrangements you will need to make. At Engage, we’ve got private accommodation groups for overseas teachers looking for houseshares, and our partnership and development team are dedicated to your continued career development.

 Apply Directly

You could also choose to apply to schools directly –  If you apply directly you’ll need to be prepared to make all the arrangements independently. It may be harder to get feedback on your interviews and your progress Many schools in the UK don’t hire in this way, so you might find you have more limited options. 

 Take Part In iday

iday is our unique recruitment event. Candidates take part in multiple interviews with schools that our expert team have matched them with. It’s a chance to find out more about the roles you are applying for and connect directly with UK employers, many of whom are able to sponsor your Skilled worker visa. Our iday events are completely virtual and open to all of our candidates in the UK and overseas. Find out more about iday for Australian teachers here.

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