Are my Australian/NZ teaching qualifications recognised in the UK?

Nina Boniface
I’m about to complete my teaching degree can I teach in England now?

If you have just completed a teaching degree in Australia or New Zealand, the answer is yes (as long as you have access to UK working rights). You’re able to teach in the UK as long as you have received your final academic transcript.

Do I need to register with my state accreditation body before I leave Australia?

No, you only need your final academic transcript to be able to teach. Some teachers register with VIT or EdQLD etc, and defer their availability to when they get back. It’s up to you!

Am I seen by British schools as British qualified?

If you have just finished university here and are not fully accredited in your state/territory you are not “officially” a British ‘QTS’ teacher. QTS stands for Qualified Teacher Status.

The term ‘un-qualified’ is used for anyone without Qualified Teacher Status, but it does not inhibit your ability to teach.

Will I be paid less if I don’t have QTS?

You can be if you try and represent yourself to schools or work with an agency that does not want to pay you properly. If you are an overseas teacher and are not registered with an agency before you leave, some schools will try and pay you as an ‘unqualified’ teacher, so make sure you are being paid on the British Pay Scale if you are a new graduate!

We advocate with schools on your behalf to make sure you are not disadvantaged.

What if I have full accreditation in Australia/New Zealand?

You will be QTS eligible straight away if you have completed your probationary period in Australia/NZ and are fully accredited/registered here. You just need to apply for the Certificate, which we can help you do. Whether you are QTS eligible or not, your pay with us will be based on your experience and the teacher pay scale.

What if I want to stay in England for a long time?

You will need to get QTS within 5 years of starting as a teacher in the UK if you do not have it on arrival. If you plan to stay in England long term, make sure you are talking to your agency about a pathway to gaining QTS through your current school. If you do not gain QTS within 5 years you have to do a PGCE ( like a Graduate Diploma of Teaching) in England. No one wants to go back to Uni after 5 years!! Most people travel on a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa, so QTS is not an issue if you can only teach there for 2 years.

Will my time in the UK count as teaching days towards full registration in Australia or New Zealand?

Australia – No – you need to complete your teaching days in Australia to gain your full registration here, but your pay will increase based on your experience in the UK.

New Zealand – Yes – One year of UK experience is accepted towards your accreditation back in NZ.  Pay also increases back in NZ based on the days you have taught in the UK.

You will find your UK experience will help you into a contract back home, which will fast track your accreditation when you get home.

Making a career focused decision when you qualify and moving to where the teaching work is will set you up for the rest of your professional life. Experience and a ‘can do’ attitude will impress your future Australian/NZ employer and make your CV stand out from the crowd back home, where competition is fierce.

Talk to an Australian teacher/consultant about your UK options and plans.

We fly our teachers to England, all expenses paid to interview face to face with schools and secure the right position. A supportive school which is happy to invest in your career will set you up to succeed. We’re also partnered with Creative Education, to keep you up to date with continued professional development.

Travel Europe. Teach with Engage.

At Engage, we work hard to make sure all our teachers and support staff have a satisfying work/life balance, providing training opportunities, wellbeing support, retail discounts and exclusive travel deals. Our teachers from Australia have the ability to satisfy their travel bug and explore the UK and Europe in the school holidays, knowing that they’re getting the support of Engage when they return to work next term.

Register with Engage and start the trip of a lifetime.

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