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Supporting students during school closures

We’ve been working to ensure that parents have access to education for their children during COVID-19 Easter holidays and school closures. The lessons our online tutors are able to cover currently are:

Year groups Level Subject Topic
Years 5 and 6 Advanced English Writing to persuade
Years 5 and 6 Advanced English How to form a coherent argument
Years 5 and 6 Intermediate Maths Fractions and decimals
Years 7 and 8 Intermediate English Writing to instruct
Years 7 and 8 Advanced Maths Circles
Years 7 and 8 Intermediate Science Importance of healthy eating and exercise
Years 7 and 8 Basic Geography Plate tectonics
Years 7 and 8 Advanced History Transatlantic Slave Trade


We will be looking to launch more lessons and widen the subject choice when more tutors become available!

Below is a range of tutors that are available to work with you and your children over the coming weeks, if you’d like to request a session with one, please fill in the contact form.


Our pricing structure allows you to save with more bookings. Trial a tutor and book follow up sessions to suit your timetable.
Up to 2 sessions – £25 per session
3 to 4 sessions – £20 per session
5 to 6 sessions – £15 per session

Fill in the form below to let us know which tutor you’d like to book a lesson with

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