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Teacher Training Programme Structure & Requirements

Teacher Training Programme

We are currently only accepting Secondary Graduate applications, we’ll be accepting applications for Primary again soon.

Engage Education are working with a UK-based university to provide a completely free, salaried route into teaching for graduates. If you’re a recent graduate hoping to begin teaching with your new undergraduate degree, we can provide free training and support to start you on your new teaching journey.

If successful and you’ve secured a training position at one of our partner schools, the PGCE qualification takes up to one year to complete, and you’ll be working in schools from day one, giving you all-important experience as you learn.

A free postgraduate qualification

When you train with Engage, you also get a certified qualification from working with UK ITT providers such as NITE at Coventry university. However, we pay all of your education costs, so your qualification won’t cost you a thing. With campuses across the country and modules, you can take online, you can participate in the Teacher Training Programme anywhere you like. We don’t want anything to stand in your way.

Teacher Training Programme Structure

Our modular approach to teacher training is the only programme of its kind currently available to prospective teachers. You will train via online digital learning, including the following modules:


  • Knowledge of The Teachers’ Standards
  • Understanding of The Teachers’ Standards
  • Reflective Summary of Learning linked to The Teachers’ Standards


  • Behaviour and Classroom Management
  • Curriculum Delivery and Assessment
  • Development of The Teachers’ Standards
  • Evidence of Practical Teaching Practice

Full-Time Teaching

  • In your first year, you will work full-time as a member of support staff
  • In your second year, you’ll be ready to start teaching as a trainee teacher

Course Requirements

Trainees are required to have GCSE Grade C (or Level 4 equivalent) in English and Maths and an undergraduate degree. If you’re looking to train as a primary teacher, you will also require a GCSE of at least a C in science.

If you’re applying to train on our PGCE course from outside of the UK, we can help you to check that your qualifications are equivalent to a UK undergraduate degree with ENIC to ensure you are eligible for the programme.

On top of your education qualifications, we also ask that all applicants come to the course with a desire to teach long-term, and a passion for shaping young people’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifications do I need to have to be accepted onto the Teacher Training Programme?

    In order to become a student on the Teacher Training Programme and to study for your PGCE, you need an Undergraduate degree (at any level) and a GCSE Grade C or above in Maths and English. If you would like to teach Primary school, you will also need to have a GCSE in Science.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply for the Teacher Training Programme, visit our Register page, or send an email with your full name and phone number, whether you have GCSEs in Maths, English and Science, the kind of degree you have, and a short paragraph on why you want to become a teacher, to

  • How long does the programme take?

    The Teacher Training Programme is a 12-month course. The first phase prepares you for teaching with classroom experience as a member of support staff and CPD sessions based around passing your PGCE. After completion, you will take your PGCE modules and QTS assessment while working as an unqualified teacher for 18 hours per week.

  • Am I entitled to funding?

    The Teacher Training Programme is entirely funded for everyone, so you won’t have to pay a thing. What’s more, you’ll earn a salary while you train which is in line with national scales - so there’s no need for a bursary or scholarship when you train with us!

  • What are the benefits of getting a PGCE?

    A PGCE is a world-recognised teaching qualification, allowing you to teach almost anywhere. The reason the PGCE is such a respected qualification is because it is a well-rounded route into teaching, combining classroom-based experience with academic study of teaching.

  • What if I don’t have the required GCSEs?

    If you didn’t get the necessary qualifications in Maths and English (or Science if you want to teach at Primary school) at school, there are training providers available who can arrange for you to study for and re-sit your GCSEs. To be able to study for your PGCE, you can look online or in your local area for adult learning courses. You will need to have a Grade C or above in these subjects before you can enrol on the Teacher Training Programme.

  • What should I do if my qualifications are from overseas?

    Engage Education will formally check any overseas qualifications with ENIC to see if they meet the requirements of the programme.

  • What salary will I earn while I train?

    During your first phase of the Teacher Training Programme, you will earn a salary in line with support staff wages. During the second phase, students’ salary will be in line with national unqualified teacher scales.

  • Do I need classroom experience before I apply?

    You do not need school experience to enrol on the Teacher Training Programme. However, if you do have relevant classroom experience, you may be able to fast-track your first year on the programme.

  • Do I have to start in September?

    Due to the flexible nature of the Teacher Training Programme, graduates can enrol at any time to start in September, January or April to coincide with school terms. We work with graduates to make sure you can start the programme when you need to, so you get to teaching as soon as possible.


Fast-track your PGCE

If you have experience of working with children in an educational setting, you might be eligible to fast-track the first year of your PGCE. Speak to our team for more info.