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We are Engage• 3 Min read

10th July 2023

Tips to Being Star Teacher

Teachers have a huge impact on learners and pave the way for them in life. Star teachers can make a world of difference for a child from any age. We want to help you become the best teacher you can possibly be, whether you’re just starting your journey or are looking for ways to better yourself!

Strong communication

It’s important to have strong communication to get across to your students and colleagues. Get your points across through positive and authoritative communication so that students understand their tasks. Talk to your students, make sure you communicate with them and that they communicate with one another to create a comfortable environment.


Top teachers should be able to easily adapt their teaching methods depending on their pupils’ age, abilities, educational levels or circumstances. Being adaptable is an important skill to have as a teacher because it is an ever-evolving environment due to changes in teaching methods.


Making sure that your students are paying attention can be very difficult, but it is essential that pupils are engaged with your lessons. Teachers can engage their students by having creative lessons and finding ways to get their students to learn in ways that meet their needs.


As a teacher, you need to be patient with certain students and give them time to learn and adapt, in some cases, you may have to be patient with the whole class. Giving the students extra time, allowing them to explain themselves and being understanding.


Being empathetic helps to engage students and requires patience. When a student is stressed or worried over an exam or a personal issue, it’s essential that you’re able to empathise with them to help relieve that stress and worry. Being empathetic can help impact a student’s learning experience.


Similarly to having strong communication, you need to have confidence in your classroom. As the quote goes, confidence is key. Talking at a loud enough volume for your students to hear is a start, but having the confidence to have control over the classroom is a make-or-break trait. Although being a kind teacher is desired, being able to balance that with having authority is key as without any authority, no learning will be achieved. Being authoritative doesn’t mean you can’t be kind. Be confident, have control over your class and be a good role model for your students. 

Know your students

Building a connection and getting to know your students better is a quality of a star teacher. If you show an interest in their life and hobbies, they will be more likely to be engaged in your lessons. Pupils will value you if you try to build a connection with them. Understanding your student’s interests in the classroom can help provide them with quality learning opportunities.


One of the most important aspects and values to have as a teacher is a passion for your job. If you’re passionate about what you teach, then that will brush onto the students and improve their learning experience. Being passionate can grab the attention of students and engage them with lessons.


Feedback both ways is another tip to being a star teacher, give students feedback, but also ask your own colleagues for feedback so you know where you can improve, we can provide lesson observations and feedback via our Partnership and Development Team! Depending on the student, give verbal or written feedback. Some students may understand better with written feedback and tips to improve, but other students need a bit of extra help and encouragement and explaining to them where they went wrong and how to improve can be much more effective. Leaving positive feedback as well as how to improve can also help boost students’ confidence. 

Personalise learning and classes

Making your lessons unique, different and entertaining is a top tip to becoming a star teacher. Personalising your lessons is another way to help engage and encourage your students, if your lesson stands out and is entertaining, then pupils will retain the information and enjoy the classes. Using new and different methods is an excellent way to switch up your lessons and keep them interesting. Try group work, activities and interactional learning if you’re looking for inspiration!

We hope some of these tips have helped, certain attributes will be natural or come easily to you, but others may take time and work to fully flourish. However, if you use all these tips it will create a happy, positive and better learning environment for your pupils and for yourself. If you would like more advice and information like this, visit our reading corner and check out all of our blogs!

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