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Why might you need to change recruitment agency?

Many teachers working in short-term, long-term, and daily supply roles find their work through a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies can take the stress out of finding supply work and organising pay, pensions, and other problems you can encounter when taking on supply work. A good education recruitment agency should also help you to learn about the schools before you begin working there, and liaise between you and your school to ensure the transition is smooth for both parties as well as the students.

An important part of working with agencies is ensuring that the agency is a good fit for you as a teacher, and that you are getting the supply work that is right for you. You may find after some time that your agency isn’t quite meeting your standards, or that there’s another agency you would like to try out. As the teacher, you should remember that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your recruitment, and you are in control of which agencies you work with.

Your options for changing recruitment agency

If you already work with one agency to find day-to-day supply work, there is no reason you cannot change agency, or even work with multiple agencies at one time. This will increase your chances of finding satisfying supply work. If two agencies come back to you with supply work, you’ll be able to choose the work or agency that gives you the best offer, giving you more flexibility and security to working daily supply roles.

For those who are looking at finding a new permanent education role, you may still work with a recruitment agency to streamline your job searching process as recruitment agencies will have connections with schools who are hiring for permanent roles as well as short- and long-term cover positions. Again, while working with a single trusted agency is a great choice for many teachers as this keeps the job searching process streamlined and simple, there is nothing stopping you from trying different agencies or even working with multiple agencies at once to find the best permanent job for you.

If you work in supply roles with an agency on a Secure Guaranteed Pay (SGP) or equivalent contract, you will want to check your contract before taking up work with another agency, as some agencies will have a clause in their contract that says you must remain on this contract until the end of term or a specified date. However, once the contract is over and you have reached the end of term, you needn’t feel that you need to remain with the same agency if you’re unfulfilled.

Why should you change recruitment agency to Engage?

At Engage, we’re confident that we’re able to keep all of our teachers happy. We do this by listening to the needs of our teachers, and connecting them with our fantastic schools. We give 100% transparency on the nature and future prospects of each role, your choices for receiving your pay and other benefits, the facts about the school you will be going to, and your options for trying out other agencies if you feel like it. Your personal consultant, the Teaching & Learning Partnership team and our Wellbeing & Community Executive Donato are always on hand to take your queries if you have any, and we make absolutely sure you’re always able to get through to someone that can help you as soon as you need to.

We understand that we might be biased into thinking that you should work with us as your education recruitment agency, so why don’t you see what other teachers and employers who have come to Engage have to say:

I first signed up with Engage Education while I was finishing up my program in Canada. They were very helpful, friendly and informative from the beginning. There were many documents I needed to gather in order to move to the UK but they helped me every step of the way. My consultant has been really supportive since I first began speaking to him. He contacted me numerous times before I left Canada to help ease my fears about moving to a new country.

Every time I speak to him or anyone from Engage, it is like I am speaking to a friend which makes working for them absolutely enjoyable. Before I started working, I was provided with many resources about the curriculum in the UK and different teaching strategies, which have been very advantageous while I supply.

Daniel, Primary School Teacher

I’d just like to start by saying thank you to Engage Education for all the support and guidance since the beginning of our relationship. Starting in Canada and continually providing exceptional assistance through the academic year. I first connected with Engage through iday and they have provided me with a terrific teaching experience, as well as unwavering support as I made the transition from being a new qualified Canadian grad, to a first year Science Teacher in England professionally and personally.

Stefan, Science Teacher

Fatema feels much more settled, confident and happy at the school, especially after the last meeting you had with her. I believe your positive, practical manner helped her immensely. I will continue to meet with her weekly to ensure she continues to feel well supported by us.

Elena, Headteacher

If working with Engage sounds right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert consultants. Our continued support for teachers puts us in the optimum position to secure your ideal teaching job for you. We don’t stop the relationship with our teachers once they have found a great job, we continue to support all the teaching staff on our books with opportunities for continued development both professionally and personally.

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