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We are Engage• 3 Min read

15th December 2022

Christmas in the classroom

It’s the festive season and there are many ways you can incorporate the Christmas festivities into your classroom. See below some ideas to help you plan Christmas in your classroom.

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf is a fun-filled Christmas tradition loved by children worldwide. The magical elves help Santa manage his nice list by taking note of all activities and reporting back to Santa at the North Pole nightly. Plan to have an elf visit your classroom this Christmas and organise some fun activities for your students to take part in. Here are some ideas:

Scavenger hunt: Plan a candy cane scavenger hunt! Have your elf hide candy canes all around the classroom and have your students find them.

Letter from Santa: Have your students write a letter to Santa that your elf will personally hand in.

Introduce a new book: Stage your elf to help promote a new book to your students.

Christmas Decorations

Pull out your arts and crafts box and create some fun Christmas decorations to hang up around your classroom. From mini Christmas trees to paper snowflakes there are so many ideas to spice up your classroom this festive season. Here are some fun and easy decoration ideas for your classroom:

Make a wreath: Have your students make different types of wreaths e.g. a handprint wreath or a tissue paper wreath and hang them up around the classroom and on the classroom door.

String lights: If you don’t have much space to hang up Christmas decorations, adding string lights to your classroom door is enough to get in the festive spirit. Have your students cut up bits of coloured cards into bulbs, add them to a piece of string and tape it to your door.

Mini Christmas trees: Bring out the glitter and felt tip pens and create some mini Christmas trees using card paper and a section of a paper tube to make it stand up.

Christmas STEM Activities

From engineering Christmas trees to building jingle bells, there are many fun science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities for your students to learn from. Check out some creative STEM activities that will encourage problem-solving and curiosity in your students:

Build a parachute for Santa: Using different materials on hand, students can make a parachute. Turn it into a competition and time how long it takes for Santa to come down.

Hot chocolate science experiment: Making hot chocolate with water tends to create a hotter temperature for the drink. Have your students compare the temperature of a hot chocolate made with water and with milk and see how long marshmallows take to melt in them.

Ribbon and bell chimes: Get your students to design and create their own chimes using jingle bells, ribbon and craft sticks. This is a chance for your students to get creative and think outside the box!

Feel free to add an extra twist to further spice up your Christmas lessons. For more fun lesson ideas keep an eye on The Reading Corner!

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