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10th May 2021

What Is Teacher Resignation Day?

Teacher Resignation Dates are the deadlines for handing in your notice that occur three times per school year. They enable schools and teachers to plan ahead. For schools, it helps to anticipate their future staffing needs early enough to secure cover. For teachers, it’s a framework for planning their next career move.

There are lots of reasons that a teacher might want to hand in their notice. Whether location, standards, or a new opportunity have motivated your desire to leave your current role, ensuring you give your notice before the resignation dates means the school won’t be left without a teacher or struggling to find one mid-term.

What Are The Teacher Resignation Dates?

Teachers planning to leave their current positions should hand in their notice by the below dates.

  • to leave at Christmas, give notice no later than 31 October 
  • to leave at Easter, give notice no later than 28 February 
  • to leave at the end of the school year, give notice no later than 31 May

When Do Headteachers Have To Resign By?

To ensure smooth transition what Headteachers want to switch or leave their jobs, they have a different set of dates to adhere to. Headteachers need to hand their resignation earlier, giving schools plenty of time to recruit a suitable replacement and perform a successful handover.

  • to leave at Christmas, give notice by 30th September 
  • to leave at Easter, give notice no later than 31st January 
  • to leave at the end of the school year, give notice no later than 20th April

This is just a guide – it’s vital to check with your individual school before making firm plans – you may need to have handed your notice in a day or two earlier depending on the individual school’s calendar.

Handing in your notice can be daunting, but for many teachers, it’s the first step towards an exciting career move. At Engage, our consultants are trained to support you and your career decisions every step of the way. Pick up the phone and have a chat with one of our friendly team, or start your journey by registering below.



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