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8th September 2023

International Literacy Day in the Classroom

International Literacy Day is an annual awareness day, celebrated on the 8th September that marks the importance of literacy to all countries and cultures.

Literacy skills are essential to almost every subject that a child studies in their school lives, so it’s important that effective literacy activities are implemented in lessons from the earliest days of pupils’ school lives. 

Millions of adults struggle with basic literacy so International Literacy Day is a brilliant way to raise awareness of the importance of literacy and to encourage children and adults alike to develop their literacy skills.

Literacy Activities for the Classroom

See below some literacy activities for different age groups:

Sound Matching Games 

Incorporating sound-matching games into the classroom can be a fun way to improve phonetic awareness for preschoolers. Provide pictures of objects with corresponding word cards and ask the children to match the sounds they hear with the correct picture and word. This activity helps develop letter-sound recognition and strengthens their phonological skills.

Exploring Different Authors

Introduce students to a diverse range of authors and their work. Encourage them to explore books written by authors from various backgrounds and cultures. This activity promotes empathy, understanding and appreciation for different perspectives. 

Large Print Books 

Incorporate large print books into your classroom library to cater to students with visual impairments or reading difficulties. These books feature enlarged text and clear formatting, making it easier for struggling readers to follow along. By providing inclusive reading materials, you create an inclusive learning environment that supports all students’ literacy development.

Collaborative Storytelling

Engage students in collaborative storytelling activities where they take turns adding to a story. This can be done by speaking or through written contributions. This activity nurtures creativity, imagination and teamwork while enhancing students’ narrative and writing skills.


International Literacy Day serves as a reminder of the importance of reading and writing skills among students. By incorporating these classroom ideas, you can create an engaging and supportive learning environment that fosters a love for literacy in your classroom. For more blogs like this, check out our reading corner.


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