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Become a Teacher• 3 Min read

9th June 2021

How To Write A Great Cover Letter For Teacher Training

Writing a cover letter is an important part of your application process for any role or opportunity in teaching and Education. Although in some sectors, cover letters have fallen out of favour, for schools, a cover letter is the first chance they will get to learn about you as a person, your dreams, aspirations and experience and forms an essential part of your application.

A cover letter for Teacher Training placements is no different. It’s your chance to share your enthusiasm and passion for teaching as well as showcase why a school would offer a training place to you. Read on for our tips on writing an impactful cover letter that has a great chance of landing you your dream Teacher Training placement!

What Should Your Teacher Training Cover Letter Include?

The basics of your cover letter will be the same as applying for most roles in the sector. You’ll need to include the following:

Introduction: Who you are, where you’ve graduated from and what you are looking for in your career should be the main basis of your letter
Experience: We’ll cover this in more detail further down, but your experience should describe your work experience to date as well as any relevant volunteer work or training that you’ve completed
Examples: Give some examples of when you have used your key skills and your passion for working with children and young people. Highlight just one or two experiences. Employers are likely to want to discuss these and further examples in your interview
Summarise: Finish your cover letter by reiterating your enthusiasm for the role and why you think you’d be a great match for the school.
Contact details: Make sure you are easily contactable, with a mobile number and email address.

How To Shape Your Experience To Fit The Roles You Are Applying For

Without any formal teaching experience, it might initially seem that you don’t have much relevant experience to share. If this is the case for you, we’ve got some great tips for writing about your desire to teach with real-world examples.

  • All aspiring teachers will enjoy working with children so use your cover letter to delve deeper into why you enjoy working with and supporting young people.
  • Think of how your experience so far (education-related or otherwise) has prepared you for a successful career in teaching. Have you worked in high-pressure environments or with children in another setting? It might help to write down all the relevant experience you can think of and then select the most relevant to include in your cover letter.
  • Consider the key traits of successful teachers and how you have or will demonstrate these in a professional capacity. Successful teachers are motivated to continue learning and developing and they have the ability to start each day with a fresh approach.
  • Teachers require a lot of transferable skills such as adaptability, patience, a high level of organisation and creative problem-solving. Try and include examples of when you have successfully utilised these skills in either a work or academic capacity
Your cover shouldn’t be more than a page long. Narrow your examples down to the bare facts and be prepared to elaborate further if you land an interview. If you are applying through Engage, our consultants can help prepare you for your interview. We’ve also got lots of great tips and ideas for successful interviewing in the education sector on our blog.


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