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4th July 2023

Classroom Ideas for Children’s Art Week

Children’s Art Week is an annual event across the UK to encourage children to engage in visual art activities. The event has already begun and will last three weeks from 29th June to 19th July this year! Surrounding the event, here are some classroom ideas for you to implement throughout Children’s Art Week:

Artist of the Day:

Choose a different artist each day and introduce their work to your students. Encourage them to create their own artwork inspired by the artist’s style or subject matter. You can also have the students research the artist themselves and then create their own work inspired by the artists’ work from their research.

Collaborative Murals:

Create a large mural or canvas where each student contributes a small piece of artwork. This collaborative project promotes teamwork and a sense of pride in creating something together. A mural or canvas can create an excellent display for your classroom!

Outdoor Art:

While the weather is good, take the art class outside and let students create artwork inspired by nature. They can use natural things like leaves, flowers and twigs to create beautiful and temporary installations and art.

Sculpture Day:

Set up a sculpture station with various safe materials such as clay, wire and recycled objects. Encourage students to explore three-dimensional art and create their own sculptures on something of their choice!

Art Exhibition:

Host an art exhibition in your classroom where students can display their best artwork from the week. Invite parents, teachers and other students to admire and celebrate their creations if possible.

Collaborative Storybook Illustrations:

A fun idea could be to choose a popular children’s story and have students illustrate different scenes or characters from the book. Combine their artwork to create a class storybook.

Art and Music Fusion:

Combine art with music by playing different genres of music and encouraging students to create artwork that reflects the emotions they feel while listening. Music can be related throughout the event in many ways as Children’s Art Week isn’t just about pictures and sculptures, it is about all visual arts – like dancing!

Remember, the most important thing is to encourage creativity, exploration and self-expression during Children’s Art Week. Let students experiment with different materials and techniques, and most importantly, have fun

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