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Work in England with a PGCEi

If you have a PGCEi, you are not automatically qualified to work as a teacher in the UK. In order to be a fully-qualified teacher in the UK you will need to complete a route to Qualified Teacher Status, or QTS. At Engage, we’ve helped thousands of teachers achieve their Qualified Teacher Status through the route that suits their circumstances best, and we’d like to help you, too.


Get QTS with your PGCEi

At Engage, we can secure you a teaching role in a school with the understanding that you will complete your Assessment Only (AO) route to QTS with an accredited provider. (Which provider is used depends on where your school is located.) You can find all the information you need about taking the Assessment Only route to QTS on the Government’s page.

To be able to take the AO route to QTS in the UK, you will need to have taught in at least two schools over two different age ranges for at least two years, as well as meeting all the general requirements to teach in the UK (including GCSE level 4 and above or equivalent in Maths and English, and Science if teaching in Primary school.)

  • What is a PGCEi

    A PGCEi is an online teaching postgraduate qualification that is awarded by a UK university. A PGCE is a Postgraduate Certificate of Education and the 'i' means "International". A PGCEi on its own gives you the ability to teach in some countries, but in the UK you will also need QTS.

  • I have a PGCEi, what do I need to do to gain QTS?

    If you are an experienced teacher with a PGCEi, you can achieve QTS without having to do any further training via the assessment-only route. If you only have a PGCEi, you will have to complete an induction programme at a school before gaining QTS.

  • What is the assessment-only route to QTS?

    This route allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the requirements for QTS, and will be taken in a school over 12 weeks. During the 12 week assessment period you will complete an evidentiary portfolio to show you meet The Teachers Standards and undertake an intial assessment by an independent assessor. After 3 months you will be revisited and if deemed successful a formal recommendation will be made for the award of QTS.

  • Am I eligible for the assessment-only route?

    To be eligible for the assessment-only route, you must hold a degree or equivalent qualification granted by an institution in the UK, or an equivalent degree or other education qualification granted by a foreign institution. Two years of teaching experience across two age ranges or key stages is also required.

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How can you get QTS with my PGCEi?

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