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Long-term teaching vacancies

Teach long-term supply with Engage

At Engage, we work with 2,286 partner schools who have a need for teachers who can fill their short- and long-term supply vacancies. Our network of great schools ensure that we are always in the best position to provide you with reliable and satisfying supply work.

What is long-term supply

Long term supply jobs range from working in a school from six weeks up to a year. This covers staff absences, long-term sickness, planned leave, maternity or paternity leave. You’ll work at the same school for an agreed sustained period of time.

Why teach long-term supply

Teaching long-term supply cover has a multitude of benefits, including giving you career progression, networking and mentoring opportunities, as well as a more reliable income than short-term supply work and the option to take time off between posts.

long-term engage benefits

When you begin teaching with Engage, whether it’s for long- or short-term supply, you’ll be eligible for all of the benefits we exclusively offer. Engage benefits include ongoing free CPD sessions, mental health & wellbeing support, referral bonuses and social events.

Long-term vacancies

We have long-term supply vacancies at local authority schools, academies, SEN schools, Faith schools, and more. Find a long-term role with Engage today.

What we do

We meet all of our schools and teachers face-to-face so we can get to know everyone on a personal level and understand the teaching need from both sides. We also offer a free career planning session to all teachers that register with us.

Whether you’d rather work short term or longer term supply is entirely up to you. We respect your ambitions and strive to meet them, which means we take your preferences into consideration at all stages of the job hunting process. All you need to worry about getting to a school and delivering brilliant lessons.