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3rd September 2019

Teaching in a UK Primary School: The Basics

Being one of the first educators in a child’s life isn’t without its pressures but can be hugely rewarding. As a primary teacher, you will work with your pupils closely over a range of subjects, and you will see them flourish and learn under your care.

What do primary school teachers do?

Primary school teachers in the UK teach children between the ages of 4 to 11 (Reception to Year 6). As a primary teacher, it will be your job to ensure all your pupils have good numeracy and literacy levels based on their ability before going to secondary school. You will generally be based in your own classroom and be responsible for a single class. (Some specialist subject teachers, such as PE teachers, will teach different classes and year groups.)

A primary teacher is responsible for:

  • Planning lessons
  • Delivering lessons
  • Setting lesson tasks and homework
  • Assessing work
  • Helping pupils with day-to-day problems
  • Meeting with parents

How do I become a primary school teacher?

Unless your undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Education (BEd) or a BA/BSc with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), you will need to gain your QTS status before being able to teach as a qualified teacher.

You can gain QTS by:

  • Undertaking salaried teacher training with the award of a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), such as Engage’s free Teacher Training Programme
  • Some other universities, colleges and teacher training schools also offer PGCE courses, although these can differ from place to place in terms of quality and price, so shop around if you choose this route.

How can I find a primary school teacher job in the UK?

At Engage, we work closely with Irish teachers who are looking to make the transition to teaching in the UK. Whether you want to move permanently or just for the teaching experience, we have long-term, short-term, permanent and daily supply teaching roles in primary schools available.

If you would like to hear more about our schools or see what jobs we have available, get in touch or take a look at our vacancies.

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