By Nina Boniface | 30 August 2017
A wonderful testimonial from Aoise, an Irish teacher
By James Cooper | 19 July 2017
Having joined the company in April I was excited to attend our May iday event.
By James Cooper | 19 July 2017
NQT Year: What’s the antidote to stress?
By James Cooper | 19 July 2017
An Irish Teachers Guide to the UK School Year, by Maria
By Nina Boniface | 13 July 2017
People always question how I found teaching in London... We’ve all heard the tales but do we believe everything we hear?
By Nina Boniface | 30 January 2017
Meet our fantastic Irish team!
By Nina Boniface | 14 November 2016
At Engage Education Ireland, we travel the country in search of amazing teachers, we also recruit from Wales, Scotland and England for...
By Nina Boniface | 14 November 2016
The inevitable - CV writing tips, by Rachel Travers, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Engage Education Ireland
By Nina Boniface | 03 November 2016
How to register and apply for a teaching job in the UK
By James Cooper | 27 April 2016
Over the past three years, I have edited hundreds, if not thousands of teaching resumes!
By Nina Boniface | 26 April 2016
Social Media is not the first place a teacher will look when starting the perilous hunt for a job post qualification.