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30th August 2023

Classroom Essentials – Everything A Teacher Needs Day To Day

As the term nears, now is the perfect time to prepare for the new school year! Whether you are new to teaching or are already experienced, it’s okay not to know what essentials you may need for the academic year. If you’re in that situation, we can help! Our printable checklist has everything that teachers have told us that has come in really handy when they’ve been faced with their first classroom.

Depending on where you teach, you may have everything you could possibly need supplied by your school, or in some schools where budgets are tighter, you may have to provide almost all consumable materials that you want to use in your lessons. Whether you are a brand new teacher, or one returning after a holiday or break, we hope this list will prove useful as you prepare to return to the classroom!

Your school should provide you with the basics. They may also provide pupils with a list of essential items they need to provide for themselves. Nonetheless, not every pupil may turn up with a full pencil case, so teachers always need to be prepared. Make sure you are fully aware of what your school will be happy to provide before you spend any of your own money!

In the majority of schools in the UK, certainly in primary schools, teachers will have an allocated classroom. You’ll usually be able to decorate your classroom as you see fit, with pupil’s work or relevant displays to engage your learners when they are waiting for the next instruction. A large digital timer will help your pupils keep within the timeframe of your set tasks. Tissues will help you mop up messes (or tears, for more sensitive pupils) and having a selection of tried-and-true reading books that you know engage readers will prove extremely useful, especially for Early Years teachers.

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As long as you have the basic supplies, an imaginative teacher can engage and inspire pupils with any subject matter. But having a few extra items will make your day as a teacher more comfortable. Plastic bags to carry pupil’s work will come in handy every day of your teaching life. Stickers are a personal favourite with most age groups (look for holographic ones for extra kudos!) Keep yourself going with your favourite high-protein snacks.

We’ve provided a printable version of our Teacher Essentials Checklist below. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for great pins, content and free resources for teachers.

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