Teach in the UK

Why Teach In England?

The UK remains a top destination for teachers from around the world who are looking for international experience. With history everywhere you look, a globally-influential culture, mild weather and beautiful geography, a stable political and economic climate, and Europe on your doorstep, the UK provides a rich environment for teachers, full of inspiration and fun things to do.

Teachers who come to England with their family can experience everything Europe has to offer, from city breaks at the weekends to intercontinental adventures in the holidays.

Career Progression

Due to the teacher-short market in the UK, committed teachers can experience faster career progression in the UK than they could typically expect elsewhere. Additionally, UK-based teaching experience is well-respected in many countries, and can give an edge to teachers who might want to eventually return to their more competitive home countries to continue teaching.

The UK curriculum has more flexibility than other countries, meaning that teachers are able to be more creative in the delivery of their lessons. This makes the UK the ideal environment for creative teachers with a flair for engaging their pupils in new ways.


Is Teaching In England For You?

Do you want to travel around Europe and use your teaching degree in the UK?

Are you interested in developing professionally with specialist support?

Are you ready to work and play with like-minded teachers from all over the world?

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