Teach in England

Why Teach In England?

If you’re looking to kickstart your teaching career, England remains a top destination for teachers from South Africa who are looking for internationally-valued teaching experience. Our team based in Cape Town recruit teachers from all over Africa to work in England.  

Teaching in England comes with great benefits. In England, you can expect a stable economy, higher salaries and much more flexible contracts to suit your new teaching journey. Teaching in England is a great way to progress your career in comparison to teaching in South Africa.

Engage in statistics:

Since 2008 we have filled 210,993 teaching positions in the UK and counting. We have sourced 4,675 international teachers from countries outside of the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I work in England?

    YES! If you have a recognised teaching qualification and UK working rights, we can help secure teaching work in England. There is lots of work available for Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Special Needs schools across England.

  • What work options do I have?

    You can work in England as a supply teacher, as a long-term cover teacher, or as a permanent teacher. It all depends on what suits your lifestyle and goals!

  • What happens if I want to teach in England?

    Get in touch with us and we will arrange to have a chat to discuss your skills and experience, and what kind of life in England would suit you and your family. From there, we will work with you and our fantastic partner schools to find your ideal teaching job in England. Once you have your new role, we will help you to arrange your new accommodation in England for you and your family, as well as a bank account, UK mobile phone, and anything else you need to find your feet.

  • How is an English School year set up?

    The English school year is comprised of 3 terms. Term one starts in early September and finishes in late December. There is a half-term break of a week in October and two weeks off over Christmas and New Years. Term 2 starts in early January. There is a February half term break of a week and then the term ends on Easter for two weeks. Term three usually starts in mid-April depending on Easter dates, and there is a week off in May for half-term. The school year ends in late July. The summer break is through late July and August, with school starting again in September. We can find you a role that starts in September, January, or April!

  • Which schools can I work in?

    We work with all types of schools in England. Whether you want to teach in a state, faith or independent school, we have opportunities in Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Special Needs schools across the country.

  • Where can I teach in England?

    Our schools are located all over England. We work with over 3000 schools and have offices in London, Brighton, Watford and Leeds.

  • What support will I get from Engage?

    Our support begins on day one and doesn't stop! We will help you with interview preparation, support when looking at visa options, the relocation itself, and continuous CPD and life support while you’re teaching in England.

  • What is supply work?

    If you are looking to work regularly in a range of schools but be flexible to travel or spend time with your family in term time, supply work is for you. You can work as little or as often as you like in all parts of London and regional locations across England.

  • What is long-term contract work?

    If you are looking to work in one school, teaching your specialist subjects for a set amount of time, this is a great option for you. A contract in one school will mean you have support and mentoring, you will build rapport with students and know where you are working every day. You will have more marking and planning to do than if you work as a supply teacher, but you will benefit from the security and stability of a regular paycheck for the length of your contract.

  • What is permanent work?

    If you are relocating to England permanently and want to secure a full-time ongoing position, permanent work is for you. We can find a permanent role for teachers who want this level of commitment and security when they move to England.


Teach in England

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Teach in England

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Teach in England

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Teach in England

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