Engage Benefits

Why Engage?

At Engage, we know that happy and fulfilled teachers do their best work – and that’s why our support doesn’t end once we’ve found you a job.

Whether we’re helping you find a job, providing you with bespoke one-to-one training so you can hit your personal goals, giving you career advice, or inviting you to networking events so you can meet other South African teachers in your area, we make sure that your career is always about you. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with your teaching role.

Find out how we can make Engage work for you and your family.

Engage Benefits

Your Consultant

From the first day you speak with us, you’ll benefit from your own personal consultant from Engage, someone who is there to help you find your job, help you get set up in your new home, liaise with your school to find out how you’re doing, and arrange one-to-one training when you need it.

Relocation and Referral Bonuses

When you move to the UK with Engage, we’ll give you a £1000 bonus to help you get set up in your new home. If you refer your friends to work with us, you’ll also receive a £150 bonus when they work 10 days or more!

Partnership Benefits

STA Travel

We’ve partnered with STA Travel to provide you with discounted travel opportunities for those all-important family holidays. You’ll get money off flights, travel insurance, and more!

Education Support Partnership

We’ve also partnered with the Education Support Partnership to provide specialist, professional mental health and wellbeing support, so you have somewhere to turn if things get difficult.

Professional Benefits

Partnership & Development Team

Our Partnership & Development team works with you and your school to see how you are performing and identify any areas you may need support in, making sure you always feel confident in your role.

Free CPD Sessions

Our CPD sessions and networking events cover supplementary teaching skills such as behavioural management, SEND strategies, and lesson planning.

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