Why choose Engage?

Why Engage?

We have been trailblazers in education recruitment since 2008, allowing us to help 4,670 international teachers secure their dream roles in England. That’s over a decade of assisting Canadian teachers relocate to England. We are committed to working towards raising teaching standards worldwide.

Free CPD courses and training events

1-to-1 Support and interview preparation

Hundreds of partner schools for you to work in

Engage in statistics:

Since 2008 we have filled 210,993 teaching positions in the UK and counting. We have sourced 4,670 international teachers from countries outside of the UK.

Tailored Support

Working in education can be tough, we know that! That’s why our purpose doesn’t just stop at finding teachers a role in a school. We ensure that teachers have continuous personal and professional development through CPD courses, one-on-one training and partnerships with various organisations to provide retail and travel discounts, wellbeing and mental health support, and employee benefits.


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