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Teach in the UK• 3 Min read

25th July 2021

How To Make A Good Impression in Your New School

It’s completely normal to feel nervous about starting a new role – there are very few people in the world who can walk straight into a new workplace without any trepidation! If you worry about making a good impression on your first day, we’ve put together some tips which will have you exuding confidence and positivity in no time and making a great first impression on your new pupils and work colleagues.

Body Language

Your body language will be the first thing anyone notices about you – way before you introduce yourself. It sounds simple but smiling and making eye contact with those that you meet on your first day will leave a positive lasting impression. Maintain good posture and an open stance – try to avoid making defensive gestures like crossing your arms across your chest. You’ll automatically appear friendlier and more approachable.  Body language is a great tool when teaching too and can take your presentation from a lecture to a performance. Nodding, thumbs up, gestures and open arms can all enliven your teaching and keep pupils more engaged.


Your voice is important as a teacher – it’s your main tool for imparting wisdom to your pupils. You’ll need to be able to project appropriately for the size of your audience – a booming voice can show power, but can also intimidate. A soft voice will imply care but can make it difficult for every pupil to understand verbally given tasks. It really helps to record yourself presenting a short lesson to pick up on any inflections or overuse of fillers such as ‘um’ and ‘like’ that can reduce the impact of your words. If you know you have a tendency to talk too fast, try to slow down, as it can make you seem nervous or underprepared! If you are taking a class solo for the first time – practise your introduction in front of a friend (or mirror) so you can really hone your first impression

Dress Code

Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in, that fits correctly and is appropriate for your role. You don’t want to be tugging on your sleeves or belt all day. You may not need to wear a tie in many schools, but it’s worth checking their policy and making sure you have a selection of suitable outfits that make you feel smart and professional. If you need inspiration we’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to Teacher Style, check it out below and don’t forget to follow us for hundreds of great teaching ideas, lesson plans and life hacks!


One way to make a great first impression in a new job is to do your research before you start. You’ll want to have a strong idea of your new employers ethos and mission statement, which are usually available on school website. If you are given any information about your new class, you can get a head start in learning their names and any additional support needs they might have which will enable you to start planning lessons. Arming yourself with as much information and knowledge as possible will enable you to feel relaxed, seem comfortable and allow your first few weeks to be focused on getting to know your pupils and colleagues.

Be Authentic

Whatever you do, it’s crucial to be authentic. You’ve got the job based on your experience and personality so far, so you should already have the necessary skills to do a great job. Remind yourself of this whenever you need to! Having confidence in your ability in your new role, and the motivation to develop as you learn on the job will go a long way to making a positive lasting impression on your students and colleagues. 

Here are just a few more tips for teachers wanting to make a great first impression on their pupils:

  • Learn names quickly – it let’s pupils know they matter
  • Set out your expectations early to aid positive classroom behaviour
  • Move on quickly from mistakes – both your own and your pupils
  • Look after yourself – a stressed teacher is obvious to everyone

We hope this has given you some extra confidence in your new role!

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