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Unqualified TA

Posted 18/09/23
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Long Term


Leeds - Central

Beginning 10/23

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on young minds? Do you have the enthusiasm and energy to thrive in a dynamic learning environment? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Position: Unqualified Teaching Assistant

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Salary: £80 per day

Working Hours: Monday to Friday

Why Choose Us:

👩‍🏫 Unlock Your Potential: At Engage, we believe in your potential to inspire and support the next generation of learners, even without formal qualifications. Your passion and dedication are what truly matter.

🌈 Rewarding Work: Experience the joy of helping young students discover the wonders of learning. Your role as a Teaching Assistant will be invaluable in shaping their educational journey.

🤝 Teamwork: Collaborate with a diverse and passionate team of educators who share your commitment to fostering a nurturing and stimulating learning environment.

🏫 Primary Schools: Our teaching assistants have the opportunity to work in a variety of primary schools across Leeds, gaining valuable experience and making a difference in different communities.


Passion for Education: You may not have formal qualifications, but your enthusiasm for helping children learn and grow is your greatest asset.

🤝 Team Player: Work effectively alongside teachers, support staff, and other teaching assistants to create a positive learning environment.

🔄 Adaptability: Be prepared to assist with various tasks, from classroom support to one-on-one student assistance, adapting to the needs of the day.

📚 Willingness to Learn: While formal qualifications are not required, we encourage ongoing personal and professional development to enhance your skills and career prospects.

📌 Location: Living in or near Leeds is essential for easy accessibility to schools within the area.

Posted by Ellie Stevens
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