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14th May 2021

Teaching Abroad & Salaries: How Do They Compare To Those In The USA?

Salary is rarely the thing that drives international teachers. Instead, the opportunity to share knowledge, gain experience of different classrooms and teaching methodology as well as the personal experience of travelling the world is the main draw. In fact, when we ask our teachers why they want to come to the UK, salary expectations are pretty low on the list. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to arm yourself with as much information as you can before planning a transatlantic move. Knowing where you stand with your finances can give you peace of mind, and hopefully the confidence to take the exciting step of teaching abroad.

What Are Salaries Like In The UK?

The mean average salary in the UK is £27,000. Earning a salary of this amount affords a relatively good standard of living outside of the capital.  Within London, the average salary rises to around £31,000.

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Are There Regional Variations To Salaries In The UK?

Salaries tend to be higher in the south, in particular around London. London is a multicultural, progressive city with global appeal and as with many cities like it across the world, the cost of living can be higher, There are still many boroughs of London where comfortable and affordable accommodation is available, but you will have to search a little harder to find them! Try exploring our UK vacancies map for information about regions in the UK.

The cost of living, including running a car, renting accommodation and buying food, can be significantly cheaper in the North of England, but salaries offered will be lower to reflect this.

What Do Teachers In The UK Get Paid?

In the UK, teachers salary is broadly dictated by the Department For Education. There are different payscales for newly qualified and experienced teachers that state schools must adhere to. Free Schools, Academies and Independent Schools are able to set their teachers salaries. It isn’t always the case that higher salaries are offered to teachers in privately-run schools – in fact, without the constraints of the DfE’s payscale you might be offered less than a teacher in the same role in a state school.

The teacher payscale starts at £24,373 for newly qualified teachers in schools outside of London. London Weighting can add on average £4,000 to an annual salary and applies to all civil servants within the London Weighting Area It can vary significantly between employers.

The average salary for a secondary school teacher in the UK, as of April 2021 is £29,760 which is a little lower than the average equivalent USA teachers salary. Teachers can also benefit from additional allowances, for example, working with SEN pupils offers an additional allowance of between £2,270 and £4,479 in 2021. Your Engage consultant will be able to discuss your personal experience and how it might be reflected in your salary. 

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What Can We Do To Support You?

We are experts when it comes to relocation. We know that moving to another country is a big decision and that you will have lots of questions.  As well as our regular fresh content for overseas teachers, our iday events can help you find the perfect role. Our partnership and development team are here to support you once you’ve landed a teaching position and afterwards. Whether you are just dreaming or making firm plans, register with us to feel the benefits of the UK’s leading education recruiter.

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