Bby James Cooper | 23 November 2017
Bby Nina Boniface | 23 November 2017

How prepared am I? How Team Teach can help!

Team Teach is award-winning ‘positive handling’ training which helps staff support people with challenging behaviour.

Bby Nina Boniface | 22 November 2017

Dear Diary, a day in the life of a teacher

6 am - Up up and at ‘em! I must admit, I feel a little tired today.

7 am - Arrive at school, make a cuppa tea. This is vital for happiness

Bby James Cooper | 01 November 2017

The UK is in the top 20 countries in the world for their education system and it’s an ever competitive marketplace to maintain.

Bby James Cooper | 17 November 2016
Engage Education win the Education Investor Awards 2016: 'Best Recruitment Service'
Bby James Cooper | 14 October 2016
Engage Education and Creative Education, today, announced their formal partnership agreement, bringing together two national specialists in their respective fields of teacher recruitment and continuous professional development (CPD) tra