Bby Nina Boniface | 19 December 2017
5 days a week.
190 days a year.
27 weeks a year.
1,045 hours teaching in a classroom.

It’s a lot of time! Now try imagining (or maybe you already live it!) picking the wrong environment to work in.

Bby Nina Boniface | 18 December 2017

Your Supply Family

Bby Nina Boniface | 22 November 2017

Dear Diary, a day in the life of a teacher

6 am - Up up and at ‘em! I must admit, I feel a little tired today.

7 am - Arrive at school, make a cuppa tea. This is vital for happiness

Bby Nina Boniface | 22 November 2017

I’m ready! How do I sign up?

Right first thing’s first, whether you’re already in the UK or you’re living abroad, there are different ways to get a long-term position.

Bby Nina Boniface | 15 November 2017

How can Special Education be more rewarding?

Teaching Special Education has become more and more popular in recent years, teachers from a mainstream background are making the switch to Special Education as it becomes ever more prevalent in

Bby Nina Boniface | 10 November 2017

How to understand and manage different Special Educational Needs

Special Education is educating children with either a learning difficulty or disability which makes it harder for t
Bby Nina Boniface | 10 November 2017

Transitioning from mainstream to SEN

There’s an increasing number of teachers moving from mainstream teaching to special education.

Bby Nina Boniface | 10 November 2017

Work-life Balance tips

As a day of teaching ends, the preparation for the next begins. It’s the circle of teaching.

Bby Nina Boniface | 10 November 2017

Do your homework: starting a new role

First of all, congratulations on your new job. Searching for a new job is tough but you made it! Here’s a little list to help you know what to do before and after you start your new job.

Bby Nina Boniface | 10 November 2017

Essential teacher life skills

Life skills are something which carry through to every aspect of your life.