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Raising Attainment

Our Strategy

Our Raising Attainment strategy is focused on improving the life chances of young people in primary, secondary and SEND schools. It supports young people to make good progress and develop the skills, ambition and social intelligence they need to improve their life chances.

What we do

We work closely with schools to recruit a wide range of specialist support staff to ensure every pupil has the same opportunity to succeed, no matter their background or the personal challenges they may face. We work closely with schools to provide cost-effective solutions in line with pupil premium budgets.

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Why it matters?

Early interventions and appropriate support help to raise attainment and give pupils the confidence and skills to learn. We have worked closely with our team of clients and experienced school leaders to identify the types of specialist support staff who can make a difference.

Our Raising Attainment candidates are specifically targeted to help raise attainment in schools. They will typically have high levels of competence in their areas of expertise and have demonstrated impact in their particular specialism and possess extensive knowledge in their support field (degree qualified) to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children and young people they work with.

Key positions we recruit for