Bby Nina Boniface | 30 August 2017
A wonderful testimonial from Aoise, an Irish teacher
Bby James Cooper | 19 July 2017
Having joined the company in April I was excited to attend our May iday event.

I’d heard lots of stories about the excitement and energy of the event and I was keen to experience it with our Irish teachers.

Bby James Cooper | 19 July 2017
NQT Year: What’s the antidote to stress?
Bby James Cooper | 19 July 2017
An Irish Teachers Guide to the UK School Year, by Maria
Bby Nina Boniface | 13 July 2017
People always question how I found teaching in London... We’ve all heard the tales but do we believe everything we hear?
Bby Nina Boniface | 30 January 2017
Meet our fantastic Irish team!
Bby Nina Boniface | 14 November 2016
At Engage Education Ireland, we travel the country in search of amazing teachers, we also recruit from Wales, Scotland and England for good measure.
Bby Nina Boniface | 14 November 2016
The inevitable - CV writing tips, by Rachel Travers, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Engage Education Ireland
Bby Nina Boniface | 03 November 2016
How to register and apply for a teaching job in the UK
Here at Engage Education we like to make it as easy as possible for teachers to register so that we can search for teaching jobs for you!