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4th September 2019

What is the average secondary school teacher salary in the UK in 2019?

In 2019, UK ministers agreed a 2.75% raise for all teachers in maintained schools across the board, including those on the Unqualified, Main, Upper, and Leadership pay scales. 

How is teacher pay decided in the UK?

Teacher pay scales are set by the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) which is legally binding in all local authority maintained schools. For classroom teachers (that is, someone who is not a head teacher, assistant head teacher, or leading practitioner) you will be paid on either the Main Pay Range or the Upper Pay Range.

How much do secondary school teachers make in the UK?

The average pay for secondary school teachers in the UK in 2019 is £30,063. However, teacher pay differs based on experience and from region to region, with teachers inside London earning the highest salary (though this is offset by the increased costs that come with living in the capital). Individual teacher pay is also affected by taking on Teaching & Learning Responsibilities (TLRs) or qualifying for Special Education Needs allowances.

What is the pay range for secondary classroom teachers in the UK?

The pay range for classroom teachers in 2019 ranges from £24,372 (band 1, outside Rest of UK) to £41,482 (band 6, inner London). This is the bottom of the main pay scale to the top of the upper pay scale.

How do I progress my pay as a secondary school teacher?

Your pay progression is based on appraisal and is determined by your governing body guided by broad criteria in the STPCD. You can also apply to be paid on the Upper Pay Range.

How do I move from the Main Pay Range to the Upper Pay Range?

Any qualified teacher on the Main Pay Range can apply to be paid on the Upper Pay Range. For the application to be successful, the relevant governing body must be satisfied that you are “highly competent in all elements of the relevant standards; and that the teacher’s achievements and contribution to an education setting is substantial and sustained.” (Paragraph 15.2 of the STPCD)

What is the pay range for unqualified secondary school teachers in the UK?

The lowest unqualified teacher salary is £17,681 and the highest salary for unqualified teachers is £32,514.

What is the pay range for secondary school leadership roles in the UK?

The salary for a leading practitioner in the UK ranges from £41,266 to £70,539.

What extra payments can secondary school teachers in the UK get?

If a teacher takes on Teaching and Learning Responsibilities as part of their role, they can make an extra £2,683 annually, and a teacher who qualifies for SEN allowances can make an extra £4,242 a year.

You can download all pay scale information on the NASUWT website here.

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