What career fair season really means…

Nina Boniface
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At Engage Education Ireland, we travel the country in search of amazing teachers, we also recruit from Wales, Scotland and England for good measure.
We manage to pack our travel schedule full over Ireland’s gorgeous winter months! In 2016, we attended 35 events from January 19th to March 9th alone! On the surface level, it seems glamorous….and to some extent it is! Travelling around Ireland with coworkers who you get on well with, have banter with and make work seem like play is what you dream about when you get an ‘adult’ job with responsibilities.
Engage Career Fair Graphic Ireland
But… (and there’s always a but) there are some harsh realities when it comes to travelling for work and spending countless times on trains, planes and automobiles trekking through the Irish countryside. Heres some of the honest-to-goodness truths of career fair season for Engage Education consultants.
1. Early mornings and late nights means that you’ll sleep anywhere (like on a table on a ferry in the middle of the day)
2. Forgetting the essentials
Getting halfway to your destination and realising that you’ve forgotten your toothbrush, pyjamas or underwear!
3. Banner stands are the bane of your existence!
Sure they look good all set up…but you carry them around taking out innocent bystanders at the knee caps.
4. Some hotels are weird….very weird!
Can’t fault a 1970’s carpet leading up to your rented Attic Apartment!
5. You can’t pronounce some of the names of town’s you visit but you pretend that you can anyways!
6. You gain weight
download (9).jpg
Supermac’s is a part of a healthy, balanced recruiters diet
7. You talk so much during the day that you sit in long periods of awkward silence with your co-workers just to rest your mouth!
download (10).jpg
8. A pint is always deserved and necessary!
Disclaimer: those drinks aren’t all for Lyndsay!
9. You become insanely jealous of 1st year College students and often feel compelled to remind them of ‘just how good they have it!’
(Look at them all Rachel…’Stay in school kids!’)
10. You can’t understand on IrishRail why the drink cart comes around so little and the Wifi drops so often?!
11. You become VERY protective over your free pens!
Haven’t seen us in your hood yet? Email kate.mills@engageeducation.ie to get our full list of travel dates and locations.
We’ll most certainly be coming to an Irish town near you!

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